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  1. Whisper

    Stop Defending Dp Form

    he started this season in a great form, but it ended too soon with an injury that kept him off the field for 6 weeks! we all looked forward to his great comeback well, he did comeback, but he was not any means! 3 weeks have gone bay and still no sign of our old delpiero.... when...
  2. Whisper

    R U Up For It??

    well many of us dream about just seeing or meeting our favourite players... but what would u do and how far would u go in order to make it come true??!! personally i have this fantasy about del piero... he's in egypt (my country) and he'd be lost and he'd come up to me for directions... and i...
  3. Whisper

    is anybody here from venice or florence??

    hey everyone!! umm i might be going to venice and florence in the summer so could anyone plz tell the must-see places and things we can do there?? any tips will be helpful!! thnx!
  4. Whisper

    del piero, legends!!

    Pavel nedved, alessandro del piero..... amazin players.... they offer football played by no one esle... watching them is enough for me to make my day...del piero, what ana amazin goal u got... totally inspiring for all soccer players now, and to come... nedved... best player in the world... and...