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  1. Modo Bianconero

    Guide/Help in Getting Juventus Tickets

    Hey All Still Smiling about the Roma Game. I am planning to go to Italy Mid Jan to Beg Feb. I Would like to go see the Lazio - Juve game in Rome on Jan 26th and the Juve - Inter Game on Feb 2nd. Unfortunately my friends in Italy are clueless on how to get a hold of tickets, they just...
  2. Modo Bianconero

    Our Chiellini in Fifa 11 ad.

    ad. Behind the scenes De Ceglie playing Fifa 11
  3. Modo Bianconero

    Egypt - Spain - Friendly

    Plz if someone has a stream for this game it would be great .. egypt are going to humiliate spain in this game :p and i d really like to see it .. or if someone wuld be nice enough to put comments and updates of the game its starts in 15 minutes... thank you in advance
  4. Modo Bianconero

    Cassano at real madrid :p

    sum tranlsations wuld be nice hehe
  5. Modo Bianconero

    No Justification For The Crying Game!

    I dont kno if this article has been posted before, but i just read it and wanted to share it with all of you, finally a nonjuve football fan with some sense .. enjoy :) ps. thanks to tasha biancanera for getting this article to my attention :kiss...
  6. Modo Bianconero

    Thee Internet is for Porn
  7. Modo Bianconero

    Top 50 Goals of 2005

    The Best Goals Of 2005..... thanks to mohsau
  8. Modo Bianconero

    Juve's History in The Champs League 1996 - 2005

    hey everybody i just found this i havent even watched it yet myself but it comes from a very reliable arabic site.. so enjoy .. and thanks to alex_boy10 who posted it on tht site
  9. Modo Bianconero

    The History of AC Milan Vs Inter Milan

  10. Modo Bianconero

    Lohan Paris Voicemail (Explcit)

    :weee: Lohan Paris Voicemail Info: Private voicemail from Lindsay Lohan to Paris Hilton. :oops:
  11. Modo Bianconero

    God The Devil and Bob

    a tv show that you ll either love or hate.. it could be really funny at times... check it out and also check out drawn together if u havent yet .. kickbehind show thts in it second series now
  12. Modo Bianconero

    Need Help Here

    alright so i was trying some new softwares registry mechanic 5 and tuneup utilities 2006 and i was asked to restart and since then every time i connect to internet explorer i cn surf for a limited time then a cmd thingy pops up and like 5 files are creatd on my c drive called tb and low.exe and...
  13. Modo Bianconero

    Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3) Trailer For all Mgs fans .... Grandpa Solid is Back
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    No Comment....

  15. Modo Bianconero

    Italian Federation Revolution

    Italian Federation OK's Video Evidence To Punish Divers! 8/24/2005 6:56:00 PM The Italian football federation has taken a revolutionary decision as starting this Sunday divers can be punished using video evidence. Article 31 of the Italian federation’s regulations was amended to allow video...
  16. Modo Bianconero

    Ladies Confessions Enter If Your Above 18 go to this site and once there scroll to ladies confess... there are the sinners and the saints.. i ve got no comment about this women like to be gangbanged i guess.. here from me to you some confessions from Ladies tht are just way too horny...feel free to close the...
  17. Modo Bianconero

    Viktor Boudianski...

    i d like to kno more about this player i think hes back to juve this season after a loan spell at reggina ... not sure though
  18. Modo Bianconero

    The great trek to football nirvana (Baggio) - Must Read -

    Misunderstood by coaches, distrusted by team-mates in a career plagued by injury, the light of Roberto Baggio has shone through it all to be recognised as one of Italy’s all-time greats. This week’s feature on looks back on the career of a northern Italian man, who combined exquisite...
  19. Modo Bianconero

    Look Whose Talking Now ? umm Blasi !

    Blasi eyes Juventus double Juventus midfielder Manuele Blasi insists his side can claim the Scudetto and Champions’ League double. The Bianconeri are still in the race to claim the two titles and the Italian is eager to win both competitions. "I can’t choose between them, I simply want...
  20. Modo Bianconero

    U.S History Help

    Please no bullkaka only post if you know what your talking about. i have 2 questions 1.What were the reasons for american expansionism at the turn of the century? what justifications were offered? 2.Describe the government's policy towards indians, and discuss its expansion westwards...