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    Goran Pandev

  2. Alexi-10

    [Serie A] Juventus - Udinese

    Today we saw a different Juve than the one one we saw play against Palermo last week. For this match Juve opted for an attacking formation playing 4-3-1-2 and it worked great only 36 secs after kickoff we were already 1-0 ahead thanks to Zlatan's nice strike from close range. Del Piero played...
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    Next season's team

    New players I think will join Juve at the end of this season. Christian Obodo --> give them Legro plus cash or use Legro in a swap deal. Bonera --> linked for quite some time and Parma may be relegated to Serie B. Chielleni --> return from loan. Miguel --> Zebina not very impressive.
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    everybody wants Maresca

    I would love to Enzo Maresca come back too Juve and especially in the CM position alonside Emerson. Enzo would definately do well in that position and he can give us a creative spark going forward, he is definately the type of player Juve needs. Juventus has been searching for a CM and have been...
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    Penalty taker!!!

    I think Trez should take the penalties he is very dangerous from close range. :D
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    Capello: "After Iuliano, other players will leave"

    Well if we are going to get rid of Legro and Tudor we need to buy some defenders! because who have we got in case Canna or Thuram get injured or suspended only Ferrara and Montero. :mad:
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    !!!!!!!!!!Official Mutu is from Juve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We signed him for free and he was a very good player at Chelsea when he first arrived. So all in all it was a typical bargain signing from our transfer guru Luciano Moggi. :D
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    OFFICIAL - Mark Iuliano joins Mallorca!

    We need to buy some defenders in the transfer window because Mark Iuliano has already left and Nicola Legrottaglie and Igor Tudor could be leaving aswell so that leaves us with Montero, Birindelli, Ferrara and Pessoto. If any injuries happen to Cannavaro or Thuram we will be very vunerable at...
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    Pavel Nedved

    I did cry. :frown:
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    Zebina wary of Milan surge

    The whole team is wary of Milan surge...
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    [Serie A] Parma - Juventus

    Montero that idiot!! :fero:
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    Moggi wants Milan rematch

    I want Milan rematch also all Milan fans keep bragging about how good they are etc but didnt we beat them in the cup before this season I cant remember the name ofthe cup though.
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    Cesar to Juve!

    I hope we get Jankulovski instead of Cesar, also that's great news that Chiellini will be coming back to Juve. :D
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    Ways to increase Juve´s revenues ?

    Another way to increse renevue is to sell the naming rights to the new stadium to a company like what Arsenal did. Their new stadium is going to be called the 'Fly Emirates Stadium' and also the shirt sponsor for a few seasons apparently.
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    Olivier Bernard off to Juventus

    Bernard in Juve's sights -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bernard has been a consistent figure for The Magpies, but he would appear to be on his way out of St James' Park as talks over a new deal have failed to bear fruit...
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    Olivier Bernard off to Juventus

    Why do we need a left back we have Gorgio Chellieni on loan at Fiorentina and Zambrotta, who is world class. I hope we get Jankulovski but I doubt it. :down:
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    Olivier Bernard off to Juventus

    I agree maybe the worst left back I have seen play in the Premier league or any top league. He is good going forward but makes quite a few mistakes at the back.
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    Ways to increase Juve´s revenues ?

    Win the Champions League once you do that, awesome players will want to join Juventus and then we can buy them, which might attract more people to watch all these players or build a new stadium.
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    Ferrara set to quit

    Sad to see him go but we can get a better defender to use as a sub.
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    Shabani Nonda to Juve!!!???

    Wow, he isnt that bad a player a matter a fact he is great. Definately better than Zalayeta