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    Antonio Conte

    We won't as coaches have huge influence on tactics and phsychology during the games, especially in Serie A. Just remember how many times Conte won a game for us last season by his tactical changes or his charisma. FIGC ruined all the good job done by Juve last term. We wouldn't be able to...

    [Europa League] JUVENTUS vs Lech Poznan (Sept. 16th 2010))

    Ale alongside with Chiellini was the best on the pitch. He was trying to inspire his teammates as real captain and champion should do.

    [Europa League] JUVENTUS vs Lech Poznan (Sept. 16th 2010))

    Two years ago he had been managing Atalanta whose main goal was to battle for their place in Serie A. How can matured person change his mentality in just 24 months? He is always scared and cautious thinking how to avoid defeat.

    [Europa League] JUVENTUS vs Lech Poznan (Sept. 16th 2010))

    Del Neri has no winning mentality. He wanted to defend one goal advantage against a team from pot 4! It's unbelievable! His cautious even scary approach cost us 3 points and well earned victory.

    The Official Alberbo Zaccheroni Thread

    Zaccheroni was on Lazio bench on 5th May 2002 when they beat Inter in the last round. So once ha already helped Juve. But I doubt we'll have any success with him.

    Ciro Ferrara

    Ferrara: 'I'll find a way out' Saturday 23 January, 2010 Ciro Ferrara is disappointed with the Juventus crisis, but insists he will see it through to “find a way out.” This week a summit meeting at the club headquarters resolved to keep the Coach in his place, but after tonight's 2-1 home...

    Ciro Ferrara Board reassure Ferrara, but.. Two next games against Parma and ACM will be crucial for Ferrara. Two defeats may make the board to search for a new manager. Bettega will discuss his terms in a...

    Ciro Ferrara

    Maybe Nedo Sonetti? He is 68 and free :)

    Ciro Ferrara

    Hiddink's wages are fully paid by Abramovich through his Football Development Fund.

    Ciro Ferrara

    Hiddink too expensive and he doesn't want to work with club. Eriksson is overrated and finished. Also very expensive. Rijkaard maybe an option, but Berlusconi may become an obstacle.

    Ciro Ferrara

    We could sign a manager who hasn't worked in italian club this season. i.e. Mancini, Zaccheroni, Delio Rossi Maybe Juve would sack Ferrara but there are no quality managers around.

    Ciro Ferrara

    Hiddink's annual salary in Russia is $10 mln even if he works only 31 days per year. Do you think Juve will dign o highly-paid manager?

    Ciro Ferrara

    Spalletti signed three-year deal with Zenit Saint-Petersburg. There was official announcement on Friday.

    Claudio Ranieri Nothing happened. Blanc and Ranieri had a chat, then Secco and Blanc met the squad at Vinovo.

    Ranieri or someone else ; Part XXVII

    It's obvious that Ranieri lost the players. How could they go to the pitch and fight keeping in mind that he is standing at the bench? I.e. Inter players play for Mourinho, who can find motivating words, who can win their respect. Ranieri should leave. Better now than at the end of the season...

    Coppa Italia: JUVENTUS 1-2 Lazio [04/22/2009]

    Three red cards in three last games. It seems Ranieri lost dressing room and there is no discipline in the squad.

    Coppa Italia: JUVENTUS 1-2 Lazio [04/22/2009]

    Ferrara can manage the squad until the end of the season. But I don't believe in Gigli firing Ranieri. It just will never happen until Ranieri finally destroy Juve.

    The rest of the season

    There is a possibility that Juve and Roma will end the season with equal points. Does anyone know what should happen then? Will we play spareggio (play-off game) or will another statistical figures (such as goal difference) be taken into consideration? As far as I know, teams play spareggio...

    Celebrity Juve Fans

    Hi all, As I know Eros Ramazzotti is Juve fan. Can someone post names of other celebrities, who support our Juve?

    [Serie B] Juventus vs Piacenza [03-04-2007]