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  1. -=DJANGO=-

    Lippi Back?!?

    Juventus Team Management have confirmed that they will try to attrack Lippi to work along DD. They claim it was in LaStampa was it??? They are a media agency, which is supposed to mean they only 'resell' sport news... Link to the WEBSITE Please Tell Me it is true, oh GOD!!! :weee: :weee: :weee:
  2. -=DJANGO=-

    Juventus placed 3rd in Deloitte's Football Money League Report 2007

    Here is some Cool Information for all of the Great Fans responsible for that.[/B]"]Download Link :agree: Article: :weee: JUVENTUS are placed 3rd in Football Money League's Feb 2007 Edition :weee: 3. Juventus €251.2m...