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  1. Vinman


    In one week, our fellow Juventino, "Super" Joe Calzaghe takes on Roy Jones Jr in the main event of a scheduled 12 round Light- heavyweight world championship match at Madison Square Garden in New York City I think its going to be a good fight, but one that should have taken place 5 or 6 years...
  2. Vinman

    Pretty cool video

    with all the battles going on with religion, I thought I'd lighten things up a bit take a look at this video....I'm sure we'd all love to give this a try (maybe in 30 years these will be the new mode of transportation :eyebrows: btw- does anyone know the name of the song and artist in the...
  3. Vinman

    The bring Moggi back PRONTO thread !!

    I am hoping that get a petition together to bring Moggi back enough is enough with these clowns in charge who dont have any idea of how a club should be run Gigli and Blanc have never been involved with football, and we dont need any further "learning on the job" at the...
  4. Vinman

    World War III edges closer.....

    and consider these facts about Iran and the monkey in charge there when it comes to starting a war when it becomes nuclear-capable: no doubt WW3 will have Russia and Iran on one side with the USA, Israel, Britain, and the rest of the sane world on the other side its only a matter of...
  5. Vinman

    Can we get "Yie Ar Kung Fu" added to the arcade ??

    such a classic 1980's game..... any chance ???
  6. Vinman

    Intellectual jokes, enamata and signs of a coup

    Marty and the mods, its time to remove Jack as a mod. He cannot handle the responsibility of being a mod, and has even gone so far as to repeatedly negative rep a poster who disagrees with him, leaving harassing messages each time (mentioning my name in all of them) Is this the example...
  7. Vinman

    support a fellow Juventino- Joe Calzaghe

    Tonight Joe Calzaghe faces American Bernard Hopkins in a scheduled 12 round bout for the Light-Heavyweight championship of the world. Joe Calzaghe, from Wales, is a die hard Juve fan. One of our regulars here has family that knows him, and Joe is known to be a great guy, so lets support a...
  8. Vinman

    Guys, check your computers for spyware !!

    For everyone who uses any types of P2P programs for watching Juve or other teams, make sure you guys have a spyware program installed to protect your computer I have spent a few hours here with many computer problems because of spyware from a P2P program can we make this a sticky thread ??
  9. Vinman

    The bring back Andy and Snoop thread !!

    enough is enough.....we need two of our best veterans back here !!!:agree:
  10. Vinman

    mods- reopen my thread !!!

    why was my thread "TIME TO FIRE RUINERI AND SUCKO" closed ?? re-open the thread !!!!!
  11. Vinman


    I am completely fed up with this entire situation.... we have an inept coach, and management who doesnt have a fucking clue on how to find the best players for our team, and wasting our money We will go NOWHERE keeping RUINeri as coach, and SUCKO has already proven that he isnt up to the task...
  12. Vinman

    Humpty Dumpty's great fall....

    Here it is guys....exactly what this team didnt need Chellini is out for at least a month, Andrade is out for a further two more, Criscito is at Genoa, Zebina is injured, and who are we left with- Legro Grygera BUMsong Molinaro Brazzo Biri pucker up and kiss third place...
  13. Vinman

    new member trying to log on without luck

    I got this message from a new member who put all his info in, and cannot log on- any help is appreciated !!
  14. Vinman

    J1897 petition against Bergonzi

    if you want to add your name to the petition, leave your name and location on a post in this thread, and Mark77 will forward our names to be added to the very long list at
  15. Vinman

    J1897 petition against Bergonzi

    if you want to add your name to the petition, leave your name and location on a post in this thread, and Mark77 will forward our names to be added to the very long list at
  16. Vinman

    Blasi and Chellini to Man City ??

    give Blasi away at any price, but keep Chellini
  17. Vinman

    Juventus vs. Newcastle on 7-29-07

    hopefully a few channels will be showing this one !! any Newcastle injury updates ??
  18. Vinman

    Juventus pre-season training 2007

    Guys, anything related to our teams pre-season training (including photos), please post here
  19. Vinman

    the forum is running like shit !!

    everything is very slow, and NATW is even worse This has been going on for a week I thought that the server we're on is supposed to be one of the fastest...well, it isn't !!!
  20. Vinman

    La Liga site in English ?

    Anyone know of any English language La Liga sites which covers their news and happenings, like Channel4 does for Serie A ??