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  1. Cloris

    You're favorite drink

    Water and Coffee
  2. Cloris

    del piero and totti

    Are they good friends?(Alex and Totti)
  3. Cloris

    Do you want Totti?

    I have to say I do.:D
  4. Cloris

    Who Has the Best Avatar On Juventuz?

    hi guys, why not my avatar?:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  5. Cloris

    sell del piero

    wa-ha-ha:D, u are jokeing! am I right?:cool:
  6. Cloris

    who is the most handsome player in juve?

    Welcome ida and have a good time here! you like Tacchi's legs,why?
  7. Cloris

    del piero, legends!!

  8. Cloris

    :: C.L. final the latest pix ::

    another pic realted to those two pics :howler: why? :mad:
  9. Cloris

    Please Welcome ... Blasi !!

    yes, agree. :D
  10. Cloris

    Please Welcome ... Blasi !!

    His position is destined that it's hard for him to cut down the yellow cards, like Tacchi who also has many yellow cards.:angel:
  11. Cloris

    Is that day coming ???

    I just say he is a good young player, as to whether he will become the core of Juve, I have no words to say that.:cool: and, Juve Boy, congratulation for your 100th message!:cool: You could have your own avatar.:cheesy:
  12. Cloris

    Reveal yourself!

    大家好!(Hello everyone):D I introduce myself. Nationality:China City: ShangHai Nickname: Cloris Age:22 Height:1.70 Hair: black Eyes:of course black Interests: Juve, sports(swimming,tennis),shoping, travelling,computer;:cheesy: Favorite players...
  13. Cloris

    Edgar Davids

    I have pasted it on other thread
  14. Cloris

    Where got the prettiest girls?

    Hi guys! What about Chinese girls? IMO, they are better than Japanese girl. :D They also have long black hair:cheesy: Has anyone ever went to China? That's a beautiful conutry and has the same beautiful girls.:angel:
  15. Cloris

    del piero, legends!!

    I think most Italian players can't speak English. Do you know who speak English in Juve?
  16. Cloris

    I Am A Fresh ,from China!

    post 100 message and you could have you own avatar
  17. Cloris

    I Am A Fresh ,from China!

    Welcome chinesejuvefan! Have a good time here:D
  18. Cloris

    Euro 2004 Qualifying: Finland-Italy

    If Lippi becomes Italy's coach, he must call up Tacchi and Tacchi will not refuse.
  19. Cloris

    Your Juventus 2003/2004 Jersey

    Be a great club ,juve should got a great sponser. I think Nike is a good choice. Though I like Kappa very much, you know I like Rome's jersey for it's brand and colour. :D As to the pink shirt, I'm not certain . But I don't think pink is fit for everyone. :cool: and welcome giaani84!:D
  20. Cloris

    forzza juve!!!!!!!!!

    yeah !:D