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  1. Len


    Hi, this is my 5000th post and i must say that i've enjoyed my time here giving my opinions and views about juventus and all sorts of other things to other members here.... I also hope that this site will be bought by someone, so that it continues running..... apart from that, thanks to...
  2. Len

    Help with DP clips

    Hi, as many people will already know, I'm making a large DP compilation of his entire career.....but currently I'm missing some clips, so if any of you have any of the following, please post the link here.... Thanks! :D DP goal v Maccabi Tel Aviv (CL) 2004/2005 DP backheel trick v Livorno...
  3. Len

    My DP comp

    Enjoy! ;)
  4. Len

    Help with

    I made a DP compilation and would like to share it with you guys....... can anyone please help me or tell me how I could use (since I've never used it before) Run me through the process of uploading it and stuff...... cheers....;)
  5. Len

    DP injury 99

    Anyone have any pics or videos of DP getting injured in 99 against Udinese? I'm making a DP comp called "The Del Piero Story" which will be about everything since he came to Juve, I just need something on his injury..... Anyone have it please post it here, I remember seeing it somewhere...
  6. Len

    Pest problems

    Recently, I've felt that my computer is very slow and many programs just don't respond...also many random pop ups and programs get installed on my computer without me doing so....I downloaded adaware and scanned the disk..... It found over 8000 critical objects.....! I deleted them all, but...
  7. Len

    !!thai Juve!!

    Yeh, anyone up for Thai Juve?? Just curious here.....anyone a Juventino from Thailand?? Lets make this thread like the other language threads here at the forums.....go the Thais!!!
  8. Len


    This is #2500 post for me..... A milestone, and I now hold the title of Juventuz star:star:...... I just wanna thank Martin for creating this great site and forums...:thumb: Thanks, to all the mods :( for keeping this place a good one... Thanks to everyone else here, who I talked to. I...
  9. Len

    SERIE A: Juventus - Sampdoria

    I don't see any importance in this game for us. We are stuck to third position now..... IMO, we should try our youngsters eg Palladino and Chiumento...
  10. Len

    AFL: Australian Rules Football

    Anyone here watch Aussie Rules, anyone from Melbourne?
  11. Len

    Tcm 2004

    Anyone play TCM:cool:? I personally like it.....
  12. Len

    My 1000!!!!

    Finally after nearly 2 months with about 21 posts per day, I've reached a new milestone, 1000 posts. This one is #1000 I think I should celebrate long and hard! Any comments appreciated....... I am now a Juventuz regular!
  13. Len

    New Azzuri kit for Euro 2004

    Here's what the Azzuri will be wearing at Euro 2004...
  14. Len

    SERIE A: Juventus - AC Milan

    Guys, after the defeat in the CL, we are back in the Serie A! We face a tough Milan side to keep our Scudetto hopes alive! Its do or die for Juve!! Any thoughts on this match guys! I know we have a lot of players injured including DP, Trez! And our team is playing like crap! Our team's...
  15. Len

    SERIE A: Juventus - Ancona

    Guys, after the CL loss, we have to focus on the scudetto and close in on Roma and Milan, they both have tough ones next few weeks, its our real chance. Series of games against small teams start against Ancona this weekend. They aren't playin well at all, shocking!!! IMO they will get...
  16. Len

    Looks like we've lost Stam & Mexes

    Guys, it looks like we have lost in the race to sign Stam and Mexes. I read in an article that Stam doesn't to move to Juve as he would prefer to go to Milan and Mexes already has established links with Inter! It looks like we have to get Ferrari or Lucio for Centre back instead! What are...
  17. Len

    CL: Deportivo - Juventus

    Guys I really hope Juve will win CL this year after reaching the final and missing out 3 times. Any news on this game anyone?
  18. Len

    Your top 3 juve goals ever

    Name your top 3 juve goals ever in terms of class & beauty For me 1. Del Piero 94/95 v Fiorentina Right outside foot volley from a Vialli cross from half way Just a beauty 2. Del Piero 00/01 v Bari Came on as a sub, the match was played on the week his father passed away, so this goal...