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  1. juve lord

    :: Juve team wallpaper ::

  2. juve lord

    :: Delpiero - Di Vaio wallpaperz ::

    i made these wallpapers from along time ago & i forgot to post them...... ENJOY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DP
  3. juve lord

    :: if U R able to REarrange the numberz... ::

    if u r able to REarrange the numberz of juve playerz.... how will they be... for me ~~~~~~~~ 1. Buffon 2. Ferrara 3. Legro 4. Tudor 5. Thuram 6. Conte 7. Zambrotta 8. Di Vaio 9. Trezegol 10. ALEX 11. Neddy 12. Chimenti 13. Pessotto 14. Birendelli 15. Camo 16. Olivera 17...
  4. juve lord

    :: Legro wallpaper ::

    hope u will like it :)
  5. juve lord

    :: How did u LOVE JUVE ? ::

    for a moment i thought that i'm the biggest fan for Juve..... but when i joined these great forumz.... i realized that it waz wrong way to think :) all of us here are juve lovers...... so.....every juve lover enter this thread & write about ur feelings to JUVE & how did u like JUVE to become...
  6. juve lord

    :: chat in our forums..... ::

    hi everybody.... i'll just talk about the chat part in out site here .... & its always empty........ we can make it more usful & used by putting a banner in the welcome page & up the forums.... & about me i'll put a banner in my site & hope every site admin here to put a banner for the chat...
  7. juve lord

    :: some avatars for U'll ::

  8. juve lord

    :: some avatars for U'll ::

    here's some avatars for U & sorry if there are avatars used before... :) alex
  9. juve lord

    :: Juve pix ( while training ) ::

    these are all the pix that i have for juve players while training...
  10. juve lord

    :: New Wallpaperz :: New Wallpaperz ::

    hello...... here are some of my new wallpaperz that i made 'em today
  11. juve lord

    :: Buffon new card .... CliCk HeRe ::

    ........ hope u will like it :)
  12. juve lord

    :: the cannon.... nedved ::

    hey everybody.... hope u will like these wallpapers..... these are the latest after the examz :D
  13. juve lord

    :: Forza NedveD... cool wallpaper ! ::

    I hope u'll like it & sorry if my threads are too much here but i thought if i put this new wallpaper in that ( nedved's ) wallpaper thread .. maybe someone will not see it or somethin' like that... so ... whats ur opinion ??
  14. juve lord

    :: Erik's pic became a wallpaper ::

    hi everybody.... Erik put this pic of Torino to make a wallpaper in the thread of wallpaperz... so i made a wallpaper & i hope u'll like it :)
  15. juve lord

    :: what about this team ?! ::

    look at my great plan for this summer transfers for JUVE.... Barca will buy Salas.... then we will change Trezeguet with P.Vieira from Arsenal.... after that we'll give Roma money + Davids to get Totti.... then we will give Lazio Di Vaio & Maresca to buy Fiori & Corradi ... what a plan ...
  16. juve lord

    :: Players in stupid situations !! ::

    this thread just to laugh & if u have some pix from the same type plz post them.....
  17. juve lord

    :: alex delpiero card.... ::

    ......... hope u will like it.... & thanx for NEDVED-11 for the idea of ( cards ) :D
  18. juve lord

    :: C.L. final the latest pix ::

    here i want to post the latest pix for the most expensive final.... ( from cnn )
  19. juve lord

    :: Cockies ::

    hi.... about the cockies... the service of saving cockies is ON.... & its not working everytime i go out the forums & return ... i have to sign in again... can i have the answer plz ??
  20. juve lord

    :: do u know .... ? ::

    from where can i download Rap / R&B songs as ( rm , ram )??