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  1. Any followers of the Polish League?

    Kalu UCHE he wasn´t the best on the team but he was getting damn well better and better and thats why ajax wanted him so they could make a star out of him... i´ve seen many of the games he played in but the best midfielder on wisla was definately Kosowski he was bought by kaiserslautern in...
  2. Liverpool Fc Fans!!

    For the record Dudek is the best keeper the EPL has everyone makes mistakes like the ones he made last year but then when he came back for the worthington cup he made great saves to get liverpool the trophy everyone remembers dudeks bad moments which cover his GREAT ones....kirkland is also a...
  3. World Cup 2006 qualifiers draw

    Group 6: England Poland Austria Wales Northen Ireland Azerbaijan 3 british countries in group 6!! WOW....damn poland have a hard group to go through!!!
  4. Liverpool Fc Fans!!

    SH%T!!!!! liverpool played so POORLY that its embarassing to hte WHOLE KOP!!!! the defenders just stood there as the ball went past dudek! but the one defender that did do his job was Jon Ostemobor his first appearence and what an appearence it was KUDOS to jon!! and thanks to Salif Diao...
  5. Real hint at Henry move

    Real have enough strikers two which are doing great RAUL, RONALDO and PORTILLO who is starting to shine they really don´t need Henry they would never use him we´ll since they really do need defenders no offence to Roberto Carlos , Real just might make him a defender haha jk yeah but they really...
  6. Liverpool Fc Fans!!

    hey DUDEK is BACK!!! tomorrow vs Bolton in the Carling cup hopefully they knock bolton out nicely!!! and hopefully Dudek will have a clean sheet!! What are your thoughts on the CARLING CUP TOMORROW!! what will be the score? my prediciton 2-0 LIVERPOOL goals from Heskey and Kewell!!!!
  7. Liverpool Fc Fans!!

    haha yeah but i dont think it will happen its unfair to the other players as well to feurgeson that geiser.....
  8. Liverpool Fc Fans!!

    YEAH heskey´s volley was pretty great hopefully it wasn´t just luck but his skill that he should show more often. It was two wins in four days at anfield now we have newcastle on our backs hopefully we´ll shake them off!!
  9. Liverpool Fc Fans!!

    yeah i also have kewell but i dont have gerrard but i have Le Tallec which didn´t play damn he better start!
  10. Liverpool Fc Fans!!

    it was a GREAT GOAL really amazing i haven´t seen him do that for a WHILE now keep doing it!!!!
  11. Liverpool Fc Fans!!

    FA Barclaycard Premiership Home Away # Team P W D L F A W D L F A Pts GD 1 Chelsea 14 6 1 0 16 5 5 1 1 12 4 35 +19 2 Arsenal 14 5 2 0 12 6 5 2 0 16 4 34 +18 3 Manchester United 14 5...
  12. Liverpool Fc Fans!!

    THEY WON!!!! REDS 3-1 BLUES Gerrard (34), Kewell (68), Heskey (78) LIVERPOOL!!! Forssell (32) Birmingham City well gerrard and kewell did step up as well as HESKEY ugly goal but what a SUPRISE!!
  13. Liverpool Fc Fans!!

  14. Liverpool Fc Fans!!

    no we will get further than u this actually without owen liverpool can now show what they can do WITHOUT him and what they will do is win they will actually not soley depend on one person to score "owen" but as a team its good and bad that owens out for at least 3 games we´ll see what happens.

    POLAND- Szamotulski, Kuszczak, Glowacki, Baszczynski, Bieniuk, Adamski, Wasilewski, Kowalczyk, Stasiak, Madej, Surma, Piechniak, Szymkowiak, Mila, Rachwal, Burkhardt, Rasiak, Niedzielan, Zurawski, Jelen MALTA- Muscat, Darmanin, Haber, Carabott, Barbara, Chetcuti, Mamo, Theuma, Azzopardi...

    Malta will be played dec. 11th and Lithuania 3 days later this should be a great match for the Poles and the Lithuanians we should have something to talk about... well here u can put your thoughts about both of these matches...well go at it!!!
  17. Liverpool Fc Fans!!

    yup i have to represent
  18. Liverpool Fc Fans!!

    LIVERPOOL 1-0 Steaua KEWELL!!!!! SCORES!!! his 7th this season!! liverpool advance to the 3rd round OH YEAH!!! GO REDS keep on winning!!
  19. Liverpool Fc Fans!!

    good becuase MANU well you know...
  20. Liverpool Fc Fans!!

    Ponoglle was denied a chance to score when boro defender collided onto his ankle, this should have been a penalty kick for the REDS unfortunately it wasn´t 5 min after the start of the 2nd half. His calf was tighthed which means i could have tore at anytime so Houllier took him out...