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  1. Tacca03

    Us against the world

    If this continues we should "persuade" our players to stop playing for the National Team. Afterall, the Football Association and the League is not doing anything to the injustice we;re suffering. Why should we let our players risk everything for them? Enough is enough. I don't think...
  2. Tacca03

    We Relly Ought to Sell Alex - For His Own Good

    With the World Cup approaching, its not going to do him any good sitting on the bench or being repeatedly subbed, right? Any opinions? By the way, sorry if anyone has already raised this point before.
  3. Tacca03

    Alex, see you in Hong Kong!

    It seems our captain will definitely come to Hong Kong now......
  4. Tacca03

    Breaking News - wins World Soccer player of year award

    Soccer-Nedved wins World Soccer player of year award LONDON, Dec 11 (Reuters) - Czech midfielder Pavel Nedved of Juventus has been named as the World Player of the Year in a poll by readers of the magazine World Soccer. The 31-year-old gained more than a third of the votes in the magazine’s...
  5. Tacca03

    A question about Turkish football......

    Do these Galatasary cheaters do that at home as well?? After seeing the match against Galtasary last night, I feel so annoyed with all the little play acting and fake injuries they did. Especially that Berkant and Hasan Sas. Indeed, I felt so great when Tudor simply hacked HS down near...
  6. Tacca03

    I'm so proud!!! (and grazie Parma!)

    We found ourselves in a hole against Udinese and dug our way out - in some style too - what character this Juventus team has!!! 4 - 1!!! I'm so so so proud. Thank you so much, Juve, for giving us dreams, and turn them into reality!! Just to rub salt into Milan's injury, Parma...
  7. Tacca03

    This one is for Nedved's father...

    Here are some words by Nedved after the Olympiakos game, found on Calcio Italia: However, the Czech international did have a special dedication to make. “I dedicate the goal to my father. He underwent surgery today and I hope that everything went well.” And here are some words fro...
  8. Tacca03

    Captain Davids

    I must amit that I LOVED it when rebel Davids was made captain after Del Piero got injured (get well soon Alex!!). Such support from the boys (not Lippi I guess because Zambrotta, whom I've got the upmost respect for, took over the captain's armband afterwards) would be essiential for the...
  9. Tacca03

    2 matches, 2 goals conceded

    Do any of you worried about this or is it just me? I saw both the Empoli and Chievo games on TV, and reckon Zambrotta had been our best defender! That alone, my friend, is enough to be worried. And do you think moving Thuram to the middle to partner Legrottaglie would help? That means...
  10. Tacca03

    Juventus Store in Japan

    From "Special event for Juventus. On Friday,12th of September, in a central avenue of Turin, Via Garibaldi, 4/e, there will be the opening of the first Juventus Store. At 18, with Juventus’ managers, technical staff and players attending the event, there will be the official...
  11. Tacca03

    Would you pay Daivds £2.5m a season?

    £2.5m a season is what, reportedly, Davids is asking from Juventus. Should Juve pay him such amount? Opinions please?
  12. Tacca03

    Tacca is back!

    Trap has finally chosen Tacca for the national team!!! Other Juve players included Buffon, Legrottaglie, Camoranesi, Zambrotta, Del Piero and Miccoli.
  13. Tacca03

    Old Official Song

    Would anyone please post links or lyrics of the old official song?
  14. Tacca03

    "Curva Juventuz" anyone?

    Dear all, Apart from a selected few, most of us would not be able to see the match against Milan at the stadium. Why don't we all log on to this forum during the match and form our little "Curva Juventuz" in support of the boys? (Will it be OK, our moderators?) Just one thing though...
  15. Tacca03

    Sign here if you like Juve!!!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, With less some 50 hours to go before we play in the Champions League final, would you all leave your meesage here in support of the boys? Here is mine: Milanista di Merda! Forza Juve, Tacca03
  16. Tacca03

    Players Attributes

    Can any of you genius out there help me to edit Juve players in PS2's Pro Evolution Soccer 2 (called Winning Eleven 6 in Japan)? I just can't help but to set them unrealistically high, 'cos I love them all!! I think it would be very interesting to edit all the our young players like...