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  1. Emerson Injury??

    Great, that way we will see how the different combinations work: delpiero-trez ibrahimovic-trez ibrahimovic-delpiero
  2. Camoranesi in quit threat

    Maby camo is pissed off because of all the publicity he got early last campaign when he was thought to be italy's next great midfielder. The truth is that he is just a good backup. He is a good dribbler but if a couple of dribbles fail, he kind of gives up and just kicks the ball straight to...
  3. The truth about Marek

    It sounds like he's really pissed with Janku for rejecting de moscow deal. I think he's full of shit.
  4. francesco totti injured case

    I am. Fvck Roma!:devil: Do I really have to write fvck with the "v" or is it just a mith?
  5. Juve is looking Good!

    True, and it happens in most of the most important leages of the world. The best stars of every team in mayor leages are foreign. Juventus- Nedved Milan- Kaka, Schevchenko Manchester utd- van nistelrooy Arsenal- Henry Barcelona- Ronaldino, deco Real- who isnt? Thats why the countries...
  6. Roma 5 - 3 Iran Highlights!

    Looks like their defence really struggled, I cant believe that Iran scored 3 times against them. Did they play with their starters?
  7. 'Official' ??? Zlatan to Juve.

    we didn't sell him, we gave him away along with zalayeta
  8. What about Juve annoys you?!

    But the sales of tickets is a very serious problem for juventus. It's annoying to watch almost 3/4 of the stadium empty all the time while im here rotting and hoping ESPN will get the serie a again. But the management has to understand that increasing the cost of the tickets wont solve their...
  9. What about Juve annoys you?!

    i love the blue jersey, specially because it means they wont use the pink and black one
  10. What about Juve annoys you?!

    no, i hate the pink and black jersey
  11. What about Juve annoys you?!

    I really hate de away shirt. It's one of the most disgusting things ive ever seen.
  12. 'Official' ??? Zlatan to Juve.

    no, they've already moved on to figure out from where his GRANDparents are from.
  13. Italy-Norway FIFA WC

  14. Italy-Norway FIFA WC

    yeah! btw, does this match count for something or is it just another friendly?
  15. Italy-Norway FIFA WC

    oh crap, i didn't see that. great news!
  16. Italy-Norway FIFA WC

    no news from the italy game?
  17. Italy-Norway FIFA WC

    guess he es trying to secure a starting spot right away
  18. Italy-Norway FIFA WC

    i cant wait for him to do that to ajax! :touched:
  19. Italy-Norway FIFA WC

    awsome!!! kick their asses zlatan!!!
  20. Italy-Norway FIFA WC

    norway was ready