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  1. JuveBoy

    Visiting Torino

    Hi guys, In 2 weeks I am going to visit Torino, I have booked a hotel nearby Juventus stadium but can someone guide me where can I go, like the where are trainings grounds, JMuseum, when are the trainings and how much does it cost to pay visit to these place. May be there are other things...
  2. JuveBoy

    Wilfried Bony

    I really like this guy, he is strong, young and scores very easily (topscorer in dutch league) With his strength he will be a very good player for us. I hope our scouts are watching this guy.
  3. JuveBoy

    WTF: Juve target Borriello loan

    Juventus are ready to make Roma an offer to take Marco Borriello on loan during the January transfer window. But wtf, we don't need him. We need a decent left back and not this crap from roma. He preferred Roma above Juve last year. Get lost with this crap. Back to the zoo...
  4. JuveBoy

    Hiddink to Juve?

    I read in Voetbalprimeur that Juve is willing to get Hiddink... To be honest, i like it, I don't want those defence/italian mentality of Juve. We really someone like Obama to change the stupid mentality. And Hiddink is the right person... I really hope so. (He must be very expensive :sergio: )...
  5. JuveBoy

    Juve wants Cruz

    I was really sad and angery when i read that Juve wants Cruz from Inter... I really don't understand our management... I am so disappointed in them...
  6. JuveBoy

    Buffon to City, what is your opinion?

    Dears, Buffon is one of the best keepers ever! And he means alot for juve. Even when we had to play in Serie B, he didn't left juve! And we are really thankful for that! right? But, i think letting Gigi to go to City for that amount of money is not a bad idea! Gigi is irreplaceable. On the...
  7. JuveBoy

    gayish football?! funny
  8. JuveBoy

    We miss Luciano Moggi

    We have problems with our defense, we have problems with out midfield but our transfer guru's are sitting passively and watching... Heinze: He was an option but Real got him Emerson: we miss a player like Emerson, we had to sign him but Milan got him Canavaro: He is our last hope. I hope...
  9. JuveBoy

    Emerson, one of our hero's?!

    Emerson blasts Juve ‘traitors’ Emerson has slammed former teammates Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Patrick Vieira for opting to join Inter last summer. “They didn’t respect Juve,” argued the Real Madrid man. The three men were part of a mass exodus after the club’s demotion to Serie B, but the...
  10. JuveBoy

    Ronaldo to Juve

    It is mentioned in a news paper that Ronaldo will join Juve and that Nike will pay the cost! :disagree: If it is true and if he comes to Juve, I guess, I will have to change my avatar!
  11. JuveBoy

    Elf Off/Our friend Ronaldo

    Do you see the picture of Ronaldo as my avatar? Now he can dance: take a look at: :D
  12. JuveBoy

    Serie A without Juve

    I was very happy when I read: Gazzetta dello Sport Spectators: Serie B good, Serie A loses 13 per cent Tuttosport Everyone wants Juve They are first in papers and on TV. And Serie A loses 80,000 fans So, Italy killed themself by putting Juve in Serie B.
  13. JuveBoy

    Bye Bye Cannavaro

    It is almost sure that Cannavaro is going to Real. Too bad for us because he was the champ.:cry:
  14. JuveBoy

    Bye Bye Cannavaro

    It is almost sure that Cannavaro is going to Real. Too bad for us because he was the champ.:cry:
  15. JuveBoy

    Bye Bye Cannavaro

    It is almost sure that Cannavaro is going to Real. Too bad for us because he was the champ.:cry:
  16. JuveBoy

    Who is going to leave or stay?

    Please post only information/articles about players who is leaving or staying at Juve. Don't post any comment. Make this Sticky
  17. JuveBoy

    CL Quarter Final Draw

    Let see who is next :)
  18. JuveBoy

    A Review of Juventus’s Season

    Nice but look at this: Where is camoranesi?? I think mr. Jeremy didn't watch Juve games but just came up with a nice formalized text. I think he was our best player this season, he should get at least 9. What do you think??
  19. JuveBoy

    Omar Sivori (69) is passed away!

    Dear friends, Our legend, Omar Sivori passed away at the age of 69. He won three titles with us: 1958, 1960 and 1961. And he was the best player of the year in 1961. God bless you Omar Sivori 02-10-1935 - 17-02-2005
  20. JuveBoy

    Penalty taker!!!

    I think that we could have problems with penalties! who can take penalties: 1. DP 100 % 2. Neddy 90% 3. Camo (the first time I saw him against Livorno, nice done!) 80 % 4. Pessotto 50% 5. Trezgol 20 % 6. ... I don't know. And it is very important to have players who are cool while...