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  1. WC 2006: Group A

    Will they be streaming any of the matches online? Does anyone know?
  2. Many (was: No more) games on RAI!!!

    Its just the highlights show, I think they will continue to show the games. Either way I have Gol TV so I get to see my JUVE!
  3. Azzuri Tour of the US

    You can check seating and prices at I paid $85 for center, front row second tier. I like being able to see the entire game, they are great seats!
  4. Azzuri Tour of the US

    Then you can go watch them lose! lol j/k
  5. Azzuri Tour of the US

    Yeah, you going to the game? I'll be going to the one in NY, never miss a chance to see my teams (saw every juventus match of 03).
  6. FC Tokyo - Juventus

    Any idea where we could see the game, or dl the goals?
  7. Azzuri Tour of the US

    I was wondering the same thing, I'm sure will have them, but their is no news on when they will go on sale!
  8. Azzuri Tour of the US

    Yeah, its cool place to lounge, but not my type of place.
  9. Azzuri Tour of the US

    Head over to Faneuil Hall, and or North Station area…you can hit up Sullivan’s Tap (dive bar but cheap, they have their own bear for like $2, and my Brother works there), Coyote Ugly, Boston Beer Works, The Greatest bar, none of which have covers.
  10. Azzuri Tour of the US

    I'll be finishing up my Psychology Research paper, and your self? Just Curious of course! Aren't you from Venezuela?
  11. Azzuri Tour of the US

    I'm actually from East Cambridge, which is just across the river from Boston, but if I were to say “Cambridge” people tend to think UK. And I know they will be announced soon, just wondering what people think, if they will bring the "stars" or not...
  12. Azzuri Tour of the US

    The Azzurri will be playing Ecuador at Giants Stadium on Saturday June 11, according to channel4/football Italia. In the article it says it will feature a large amount of “experimental” players. You guys think they’ll bring Totti, Del Piero and the gang?
  13. Milan-Juventus

    Its so sad that it all comes down to this becuase we should have won it a long time ago, and I fear we can not beat Milan.
  14. [Serie A] Juventus - Inter

  15. [Serie A] Juventus - Inter

    we have no midfield.. its going to come down to Juventus vs Milan.. sad to say the scudetto is lost...
  16. [Serie A] Juventus - Inter

    Oh those were the days...
  17. [Serie A] Juventus - Inter

    If we can't beat inter never mind Milan, hopefully we can get a tie.. as well as Milan.
  18. [Serie A] Juventus - Inter

    are we doin ok? Or is inter out playing us?
  19. [CL] Juventus - Liverpool

    Del Piero sucks... he does nothing but run around...