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  1. Daddi

    Playstation 3

    I browsed through the forums, and didn't see a Playstation 3 thread. So I thought maybe I could start one. I recently got it, and have NHL 08, Uncharted and Ratchet & Clank. Anyone else here got it? Wanna add me on PSN? I would love to play some games with y'all.
  2. Daddi

    Del Piero got kicked?

    In this video: after 1:02 min, it looks like Del Piero on the ground and he hits that guy standing up, then the other fellow kicks him in the face. WTF?! Any of you ever read or saw this? Heard anything about it or am i blind/lived under a rock...
  3. Daddi

    Diego: loooongshot goal [requested]

    I just saw the game between Werder Bremen and Aachen?. It ended 3-1 to bremen and the last goal was scored by Diego, who i understand many here likes alot. It was from over half the pitch. Though the keeper was not in the goal, he had gone up to try and score on a corner, leaving his goal...
  4. Daddi

    Goal celebrations - Requested

    Hey there fellas. I wonder if anyone out there got Tottis goal celebration when he pushes away the cameraman and looks into it :D also the one when he scored against Lazio and gave birth to the baby (ball) :D
  5. Daddi

    Who is better? Totti or C.Ronaldo -

    Okay people. I just browsed through and saw this interesting poll. I voted for Totti. If you are a fan of Totti/Roma/Italy or just dislike C.Ronaldo more, please vote for Totti :D
  6. Daddi

    Merda Inter!

    Look at this shit. Makes me wanna puke. :disagree: :disagree: :disagree:
  7. Daddi

    Goal of the month [April]

    I nominate Quagliarellas goal against Chievo, the 1-1 goal. It's a sick one.. Keep nominating :)
  8. Daddi

    Italy Worldcup wallpaper - Wanted

    Hi everyone. I would love to have some good worldcup wallpapers from the winners, Italy. Especially from when they lift the trohpy and the ceremony. Big big wallpapers wanted. The resolution I use is 1680x1050. Please upload some here, if you have any.
  9. Daddi

    Your World Cup Dream XI

    I looked in the foum and couldn't see any thread like this one. So I thought I could make one. Please write down your dream WC Eleven. Only 11 players. No subs or so. I guess I will start. My Dreameleven. 4-4-2 (Diamond formation) -----------Henry--Shevchenko-------...
  10. Daddi

    Check this weird animation, how long can u last? hahhahahha!!
  11. Daddi

    The ending song from Fearless - Jet Li

    Hey. I saw Jet Li's Fearless today. It was great! I am dying to know what the ending theme song is. Anyone know? It's a chinese one.
  12. Daddi

    Marcelo Lippis mother is dead

    A friend told me the sad news. That Lippis mother died earlier today after a long illness. May she rest in peace. I thank her for giving birth to our beloved Lippi. I will post the source later.
  13. Daddi

    Change username?

    Hey. I remember some time ago there was a thread where u were allowed to get ur username changed once. I'm tired of my username and would really, really want a change. I always use my nickname "Daddi" everywhere else on the internet. Please Marty or whoever can, change my nickname please.
  14. Daddi

    Req. Real 3-1 Cadiz - Goals

    Anyone got the 3 wondergoals that Real Madrid scored yesterday? I was bored with the first half so I went to bed, just to miss these 3 great goals :( Thanks in advance.
  15. Daddi

    Req. Del Piero vs. Zlatan compilation

    Hey everyone! I'm wondering if anyone can hook me up with this compilation: I want it on my harddrive because it freezes after short while so I can't see it...
  16. Daddi

    Req. Inter, Roma and Milan goals

    Anyone got Inter, Roma and Milan goals? I wanna see Gila and Totti :D
  17. Daddi

    Juventus interested in Ajax's Grygera

    Juventus have been linked with Ajax defender Zdenek Grygera, according to reports in Italy. It is the second time that the Bianconeri have been associated with the Czech Republic international, who seemed destined for a move to Turin in 2003 before Juve dropped their interest in him. At...
  18. Daddi

    Wilhelmsson to Fiorentina!!

    One of my fav. players to Serie A! its wonderfl to see more swedes in the italian league!! Anderlecht agrees 4m€ deal with Fiorentina. Source:,2789,745951,00.html in swedish.
  19. Daddi

    Req. Lecce 2-2 Roma -The Cassano GOAL!

    Cassano scored a fantastic goal for Roma in this match, anyone have it?
  20. Daddi

    Luca Toni is a Juventino!

    I watched the game on Canal+ and during half time they showed a clip about Luca Toni. On it ppl said he is a Juve-supporter since he was a kid. His whole family supports Juve too. Maybe we could snatch him from la Viola like we did with Baggio? I hope Moggi could pull this off!?