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  1. DutchJuventino

    Destiny Udogie - LB - Udinese

    I loved Asamoah :sheik:
  2. DutchJuventino

    Capitano Giorgio Chiellini

    1000% legend. Played with his head and heart every single match! What a warrior he was. Generational player, he dominated European football as a defender together with Thiago Silva and Sergio Ramos.
  3. DutchJuventino

    Stock Market

    Bought Crocs @55. Lol what a price was 180 half year ago and very clean balance sheet. MHO Homes goes now on 45 while their book value per share is 60 what the flip :lol:
  4. DutchJuventino

    Juventus U23

    Iling Jr. is actually not an outstanding player. Really inconsistent. Muharemovic, Miretti and Chibozo are players who can reach it to Serie A. 1651741623 Barrenchea and De Winter depends on their injuries
  5. DutchJuventino

    Stock Market

    HBO Max is the shit, bought Discovery last year. All Warner Bros productions, all Discovery productions, all HBO productions in ONE streamingservice. All time classics like Harry Potter from Warner Bros. The most leading documentaries and the largest selection of documentaries. And HBO with...
  6. DutchJuventino

    Russia - Ukraine Conflict 2022

    Look at above to hold on the gas and oil monopoly to Europe in the future. Besides that he would've thought it were easy targets because there are some pro-russian minorities. Ofcourse he wanted it all but if that is not possible, it is the most logical to switch to these two regions. And don't...
  7. DutchJuventino

    Russia - Ukraine Conflict 2022

    I follow the news really really close. Not only the mainstream media I am reading at least about an hour a day about the war. I know what Putin says and his plan is failling, but we can say Donbass and Crimea are the most important regions for Putin. It is really really sad, because a lot of...
  8. DutchJuventino

    Russia - Ukraine Conflict 2022

    Donbass and Crimea has a lot of oil and gas in their ground. When they exploit it (they don't because they discovered it only 10/15 years ago Russia can lose their oil Monopoly in Europe. He want IT all. There is a really good video on YouTube why donbass and Crimea are the most important...
  9. DutchJuventino

    Summer mercato thread 2022-23 season

    Scalvini (Atalanta) looks like a great player.
  10. DutchJuventino

    Primavera & U17

    Number 10 and captain of our Primavera. He is a technical player, but for sure not as special as Clemenza was and Fagioli is. He is for me clearly a level below. The real jewels are Miretti and Soulé that's why the are already a level above Primavera and in Juventus U23. In Primavera I really...
  11. DutchJuventino

    Primavera & U17

    He was a wall against AZ with Bonucci's passing. MOTM against them last week.
  12. DutchJuventino

    Summer mercato thread 2022-23 season

    They want 100m i thought.
  13. DutchJuventino

    Europa Conference League 2021/2022

    Roma is sooo bad :lol:
  14. DutchJuventino

    Juventus - LIVE matches 2021-22

    Wtf is this yellow ?
  15. DutchJuventino

    Juventus - LIVE matches 2021-22

    Locatelli on a roll ...!
  16. DutchJuventino

    Juventus - LIVE matches 2021-22

    Quality action from Quads.
  17. DutchJuventino

    Ryan Gravenberch - CM - Ajax

    I agree 100% with this. Earlier I already said something like this when there were reports. Dodge the bullet please. 1646581731 Agree as well. 1646581802 De Ligt - Timber duo would be amazing :tuttosport:
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    I think he is fairly underrated here, and even more underrated by non-Juventini.
  19. DutchJuventino

    UEFA Youth League

    1/8th final against AZ now.