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  1. china man

    Arjen Robben????is he juventus material???

    we all know he is struggling at chelski...he do dives a lot...and barcelona wanted his head for £16 milion...and with mourinho leaving mayb he is leaving as well..he was once tip by SAF best winger and i do blieve he will b but not at the moment with c.ronaldo present..but he is
  2. china man

    Where to find Juventus home jersey season list??

    Hi guys Im finding all juventus home season jersey from 96-2002 season ...u all know where can i buy it or find it???kinda like the season 99-00 still lotto product isnt it??pls help Del Piero Forever
  3. china man

    del piero sign jersey only 130 pound??real or fake??

    as i post in del piero official thread.. im jealous cause my friend bought it at one off the london shop that sell genuine...
  4. china man

    del piero signature

    hi guys..need all of ur help a juve fan i would love to have a DEL PIERO sign jersey..but the thing is that i did went to ebay and i just realy realy wonder is it all the fake and not original??how do i possible to get his original signature???don tell me to go to his house since i don...
  5. china man


    HEY guys??? im finding a way to apply this card visa master card???is there any body who know to apply this credit card cause it looks cool!!!!
  6. china man

    NEWs MEMBER from malaysia

    guys??very sorry about the thread cause i don know to put where !!!but after my friend told me then only now i know that other thread not related must put at other place!!!sorry guys!!!!well new guy !!!stil virgin hehehe!!!!anyway need help?!!!how to put avatar into forums????any1 can help...
  7. china man

    Lippi opts for Del Piero

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lippi opts for Del Piero Tuesday 7 September, 2004 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alex Del Piero is expected to partner Bernardo Corradi in Wednesday’s...
  8. china man

    The truth about Marek

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The truth about Marek Monday 6 September, 2004 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Udinese have revealed what they claim is the truth about why Marek...
  9. china man

    francesco totti injured case

    so anyone have comment about totti latest injury ahead???The Roma star flew in to Palermo this afternoon after suffering an ankle injury during a friendly encounter with his club side and medical staff ascertained the bruising to his right ankle was too heavy to make this trip. my point...