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  1. Juventuz is 10 years old!

    Happy 8irthday, Juventuz Forum! i'm not a regular member anymore (since i'm married and have a kid :) ) but those times were a good times with this forum.. The old members like Nina, Lisa aka Jules, Erik, DJ Juve, Sarah, Majed are may not here anymore as well.. but i'm sure 'the next...
  2. Ramadan Kareem!!

    ramadan mubarak! it's about 14 hours of fasting here. Thank god, the weather is good :) It's a good month to do good things, read qur'an, shodaqoh, tarawikh and i'tikaf (never do the last one tho) :)
  3. Burqa

    sometimes when you're not really get into one of the religion (in this case, Islam), you wouldn't really understand about it at all. no matter how hard you try,.. as simple as that ;)
  4. Burqa

    yes, it's me. nice to meet you too, Asif :)
  5. Burqa

    i live in various surrounding : muslims, catholics and christians. i wear hijab because my religion told me to. i don't feel obliged or forced to wear it. it's not a close mindedness or excessive faith as well. all religion has its rules. in religion there's somethin to do, follow, forbid and...
  6. Messi vs C.Ronaldo

    Lionel Messi, no question about it.
  7. Your Favorite non-Juve Player?

    aye, thanks :)
  8. What Are You Doing Right Now?

    It's 12:10 checking my husband's fb :D
  9. Your Favorite non-Juve Player?

    Andrea Pirlo Xavi is excellent too
  10. Ramadan Kareem!!

    We're not allowed to eat amphibia and reptiles too. Also animal with paws.
  11. Ramadan Kareem!!

    It's about 14hrs fast in my country. Ramadan Kareem, everyone :)
  12. [Champions League] Chelsea 1-0 JUVENTUS (02/25/09)

    Chelsea just had a bad performance under Scolari and Hiddink took over. We had an average performance as well recently. So, we're on the same start with Chelsea here. What's wrong with a lil bit optimistic?
  13. [Champions League] Chelsea 1-0 JUVENTUS (02/25/09)

    Scoring draw more than 2 goals is ok. Because we're playing away on this 1st leg.
  14. [EU] Champions League 2008/2009

    Don't care who's gonna win between Manure v Inter, I don't like both. While we have to beat Chelsea,.. hopefully. I'm not afraid of the team, just afraid of Hiddink, the master of the team.
  15. -what are u currently listenin to?-

    Mozart for my baby :) .. Satu Hati-Dewa and Don't Look Back in Anger-OASIS for me ;)
  16. Books you're reading

    My cousin said 'Twilight' is good. I haven't read it but I think it's too 'teenager' to me.
  17. Your expectations on Juve so far

    5 overall. But the big step is when we can beat Chelsea.
  18. Sleep-Talking

    Sometimes, when someone's talking in their sleep, they can respond you when you ask something about what they're saying on their sleep. For example, I found my cousin, Lia was talking on her sleep. She said : 'what are you doing there?' then i asked her half whisper : 'who are u talking...
  19. Cat Stevens

    Father and Son is a very nice song.
  20. Israeli-Palestinian conflict

    I'm not referring to FPI or anything. It's just what I'm feeling as a Muslim for the Palestinian.. Albert.