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  1. Movies of your life

    I am a movie lover, here I list some of my favourate movies.Can you tell me yours? 1. Amadeus 2. Farewell my concubine 3. Leon 4. The Shawshank Redemption 5. Interview of Vampire 6. Forrest Gump 7. Fanfan 8. Trainspotting 9. Run,Lola run 10. Gone with the wind...
  2. Michael Jackson

    Hi,Hydde,are you talking about this lady?She is Marie Osmond,oh she was really pretty in that age.I just wonder what was her attitude for Michael, actually love was up to Marie,not her parents, if she could tell Michael she didn't care if he was black or white, maybe it would be helpful for...
  3. Where are you from??

    I am from China, my father is mix-blood of chinese and russian. My mother is a beautiful chinese woman. China is big,there are many beautiful places here.You guys are welcome :D
  4. Bologna ? - ? Juventus

    They have good defence, it is not easy to win them, and I think we tried too hard on the CL,lack of rest,so it would probably be a tie I think. Trezeguet still cannot play, no good mid striker, good luck to juve.
  5. Beauty in the eye of the beholder

    I think the most "Beautiful" soccer player is Babygol!!! Roque Santa Cruz He has very beautiful eyes and slim fingers and dark complexion.^_^
  6. Sars

    What's more, I feel very strange that why this disease spread so soon in the whole world. To some people, it is no more severe than a fever, while to some people it is fatal.
  7. Sars

    I noticed most people infected Sars are from Guangdong,China and HK. I heard firstly some person unfortunately infected this strange disease by some animal. The Gov of China says actually the spread has been controled. Actually a friend of mine who is in Guangdong province now told me she felt...
  8. Genres YOU LISTEN TO (Majed had a serious comprehension problem here)

    alternative,rock,classic,new age,R&B,Rap,hip-hop,Jazz...Well almost all kinds of music!
  9. Jay
  10. Jay

    well,mostly Rap,R&B,and Rock. Actually he is a student majored in classic music--cello and piano. you can hear his music by this:
  11. Jay

    I love his music, well if you can understand his lyrics you would find his music is second to none!!! But you can also enjoy his music without understanding what he speaks, because even chinese don't understand it when he is performing,he is just slurring
  12. Uefa CL draw

    the result is just like what I expected, Milan is always lucky on the CL way,well I just hope we could have chance for semi final that's all.
  13. A Question about submitting image

    Thanks ^^
  14. Injured boy...

    yes,I hope so too. but I wonder if he can play well just after comeback from the injury.
  15. A Question about submitting image

    Why the IMG code is always off even though I clicked "Yes" when I editted my profile? I have many wonderful pictures of Ale I want to share with others, but some of them are too big to be attached. So I want to use the img code,but it just shows a hyperlink. What's the problem? Thank you!^^
  16. FC Basel - Juventus

    Well, yes,to some degree I agree with you. But I think if we try our best for this match, we may lose another important match ahead of us because Milan didn't exert great strength at all in recent matches, maybe we will lose more prospective fans in that match then. Look at Milan and Man U...
  17. What's Wrong With Salas?

    For his age,it is not cost-efficient to wait until his recovery,actually I think we should not wait any more,I think it's better to sell him this summer, though the price will not be high.
  18. songs show alex~!!

    I will pick Buffon,Ferrara,Zambrotta,Tacchinardi and Trezeguet sing " Flying without wings" (Westlife) for Alex! Thuram and Iuliano dance for the song! :D
  19. How do you think Juve will end the season?

    I hope we can enter the half final of champions league, that will be a signal for us to win the game next year. We will win serie A hopefully.
  20. How can I add small graphics under my username?

    I should work hard for 100 posts!!! :cheesy: