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  1. *Juventino*

    [CL] Olympiacos 1-0 JUVENTUS (October 22nd 2014)

    Let's do it, Forza Juve!! - - - Updated - - - Would be good...:) (dan zijn we ook in oranje van zijn rotkop af)
  2. *Juventino*

    [Serie A] Sassuolo 1-1 JUVENTUS (October 18th 2014)

    @ Maddy: They are playing against the big Juve...... I advise you to watch an other match of Sassuolo....
  3. *Juventino*

    Paul Pogba

    Paul is very good and a great talent, but he is replaceble after all.....But I'll hope he stays!
  4. *Juventino*

    What music instument is this??

    Hi Everyone, I saw a short movie on youtube, and i was wondering or someone can tell me what music instrument he is using? Can somebody tell me the exact name? THANKS!
  5. *Juventino*

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    why don't we close this thread? ....ibra.. who?? F**K him he's one of the...........never mind
  6. *Juventino*

    Juventus Pictures Album 2008/2009

    all respect for Zambrotta, but what he did against us was unforgivable... the foul he made was unforgivable....... man i'm proud to be Juventino when i say such things as this.......;)
  7. *Juventino*

    Juventus songs

    someone already have the stadium version of: Juve, Storia di un grande amore? the one that's posted is converted from youtube or something:'(
  8. *Juventino*

    Juve wallpapers

    I love these wallpapers like i Love Juve
  9. *Juventino*

    field wallpapers

    Ciao Ragazzi, I am searching for beautiful wallpapers with a great looking soccer field, maybe a training court or something, a field in the sun or something thank you very much!!
  10. *Juventino*

    Request of a song

    thaks you , but it wasn't it SOMEONE??
  11. *Juventino*

    Request of a song

    thanks, but i can't find it..... someone can??:frown:
  12. *Juventino*

    Request of a song

    Ciao tutti, I searched here, i searched there, i searched limewire, bearshare and torrents, but someone can please find and upload a song for me not Juve related. it is the song; A Rint'o Core from Tony Colombo...if you got it for me it would be super!! I would +REP you every day... :)...
  13. *Juventino*

    Juventus 4 - 0 Biellese

    WTF ?
  14. *Juventino*

    2007/2008 Juve jerseys news

    JUVENTUS = stripes.... my friend And i love the home jersey
  15. *Juventino*

    Juve wallpapers

    what happend to alex teeth??? very strange adidas toothpaste?
  16. *Juventino*

    2007/2008 Juve jerseys news

    I love it, looks great and aerodinamic :P
  17. *Juventino*

    Big pictures Olimpico Torino

    mama mia... what an idiots on this forum... day by day its getting more stupid.......if i do something wrong my thread will be closed.... and now???? pfffff peaces of shit
  18. *Juventino*

    Big pictures Olimpico Torino

    I think you are the only one who can think normal.... grazie:tup:
  19. *Juventino*

    Big pictures Olimpico Torino

    Juventus is from italy my friend, italy..... italy, and i am proud to be Italian, its a pity im not in italy now.... but i want to end this useless discussion and get some pictures....
  20. *Juventino*

    Big pictures Olimpico Torino thread.... i ask for pictures....and a bunch of idiots going discuss some sh*t......... teste di cazzi:(:(:(