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  1. Andy for Mod (or if you have any other suggestions make them here)

    For having an opinion? Seriously am I the only one that thinks he is a rubbish moderator? Hes never here then turns up every couple months on glory patrol. Wheres the rule to state I cant disagree with a moderator?
  2. Petition to get Claire reinstated

    Ive never left, just didnt have the access ;)
  3. Andy for Mod (or if you have any other suggestions make them here)

    Shes more active than you and shes often the first to point out how stupid it was by the semi-literate newbie to post a thread about bananas in the strawberries forum. So all in all, she could do more than you.
  4. Petition to get Claire reinstated

    this embarrassing?
  5. Nick Against the World

    "Proud member of the W.B.T.Y.A." Whats that?
  6. God

  7. God

    Na emmas still my friend I think. I was kidding though, I have more than 2 friends.
  8. God

  9. God

    not really. About 2 left
  10. God

    my friends, otherwise they would be jerks also.
  11. God

    Just thing he was a jerk. I found him annoying when he was alive so I dont think of him any different now. Sure he tried to do some things, big deal though and he didnt achieve anything.
  12. God

    That idiot knows nothing, he just tried to sound cool all the time.
  13. Do you smoke?

    It bet when it kills you you'll think differently about the effort thing.
  14. Nick Against the World

    Tastes ok with it, tastes like crap without it.
  15. Nick Against the World

    Did you have the thingy in it tho?
  16. Riddle me this

    That one was rhetorical.
  17. Riddle me this

    Paul probably worked on that one for about a week to make it impossible to guess. I would imagine some vague connection that only a true ultra would know the answer to. You know how it is.
  18. The Hippie Thread

    I suggest a limit on the amount of american members. And you might want to ban those pesky kids burke, fli and blandest. That outta clean the place up a bit.
  19. Maybe someone would like to hear.....

    Sound pretty decent though even though you dudes sound like a bon jovi / the calling crossover band :D
  20. Nick Against the World

    Na I dont.