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  1. crazy match commentators (must see!!)

    in the uk on sky sports television, sometimes when they show live games they have an interactive service where the viewers can listen to a fan from each team (playing that game) commentating the whole match instead of the main sky commentators. you can imagine how bias it can be. below is a link...
  2. the worst team in britain - 18 years losing streak!

    hilarious video :lol:
  3. The Exploding Whale (MUST SEE!!)

    An hilarious video. the quality aint the best though
  4. Job Interview From Hell

    source wikipedia Goma was waiting in the main reception area of the BBC Television Centre in West London to be interviewed for a position as a "Data Support Cleanser" in the Corporation's IT department. At the same time, Guy Kewney, a British technology expert, was in another reception area...
  5. who would you want juve to face????

  6. Juventus University Website!!!! look at this!!!!

    there i was in work on the juventus university website when i saw this: Roberto Bettega, Vice President of Juventus, Antonio Giraudo, Chief Executive Manager, Luciano Moggi, General Manager and Romy Gai, Chief Sales and...
  7. who says english commentators are bias.

  8. Caressa, What A Commentator

    some might of seen this or heard of him. carresa is an italian commentator from sky television and hes awesome. ITALY VS GERMANY - ITALY VS FRANCE 120MINS (LISTEN TO THE REACTION WHEN ZIDANE HEADBUTT) - ITALY VS FRANCE PENS...
  9. italy world cup celebrations videos and pics

    if anyone has some, please can it be posted. especially the celebrations in rome and the cutting of camo hair. thanks. FORZA ITALIA :P
  10. best antivirus and firewalls recommendations

    i need a decent antivirus and firewalls protection for my pc. i want a good package but not one that will slow down my pc considerably. i know norton, mcafee are decent but suppost to slows the computer performance and ive got panda which i was told to be effective but again kills your pc...
  11. materazzi mickey mouse sin pads

    on soccer am (on uk sky sports) it showed him when inter played ajax this week he was wearing mickey mouse shin pads (he is a .................), anyone got the pic of it? i think i hate him more than totti.
  12. funny jap pic

  13. how so many guests

    i came on here and saw that about 41 members were online and 400 odd guests. how so many???? maybe an idea if people want to view the forum they have to sign up. who are these mystery people????????????? :eyebrows:
  14. new artic monkeys album

    what do people think of it??? i think its great.
  15. need official serie a tickets

    ive got some leave i can take at work soon, i want to watch a big serie a game. something like the milan derby, juve vs milan (i know im pushing it by chosing those games). does anyone know safe good websites of companies where i can do this. thanks.
  16. sven news of the world movie

    apparntly its out on the web, anyone got it????????? its causing big headlines over here. hes an idiot. :agree:
  17. whats better - uni or modern apprenticeship

    firstly most people would think uni, higher education is better. for me it depends on the type of job you plan to do. in the uk they are saying modern apprenticeships are getting more important all the time. for me last sumer i finished my ALevels and i had the choice of university or a modern...
  18. juve biggest flops

    we have brought some great players of the years but some have been flops. what do you lot think are the biggest flops we bought? for me one comes to mind. salas for about 18million :tdown: , but that was unlucky due to his injury.
  19. Secret Santa

    for anyone who doesnt know, this is normally done at work where people names are put into a hat and you pick out a name and you have to buy a gift for them for a certain amount of money, and they wont know who bought them the gift. its a good laugh. is anyone doing secret santa? if so what...