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  1. Ale10

    Football Boots!

    Henry speciality.
  2. Ale10

    Football Boots!

    New Vapor's. Ronaldo was wearing these last week.
  3. Ale10

    Football Boots!

    It's ok, I had a search and only found them on an Amercian site. They do look horrible though, especially for Preds which have always looked nice. The rounded sole looks rubbish, and the 'sweet spot' strips seem to be getting smaller, they might aswell take them off altogether.
  4. Ale10

    SERIE A: Lazio - Juventus

    Damn, Olympiakos are going to get one hell of a beating on Wednesday.
  5. Ale10

    Football Boots!

    Where did you find those pictures of the Predator pulse and the new Total 90's? My friend has those has Vapor's but in Chrome-they look very nice and are incredibly light. He hasn't had them long so I'm not sure about the durability of them. They are really easy to clean though because of...
  6. Ale10

    some news about the NIKE jersey!

    Home looks nice, away looks crap. Pink :yuck: The home grows on you the more you look at it. Numbers kick ass too.
  7. Ale10

    Buffon and Davids in 'Luís Figo Foundation' charity match

    Its on Eurosport now!
  8. Ale10

    Zola back in Italy, in line for a recall? ;)

    I would like to see that too! Unfortunately I doubt it, considering he wasn't even called up regularly when he was in his prime. Hopefully he can help Cagliari get up to Serie A. It'd be great seeing Zola playing in Serie A again.
  9. Ale10

    2003/2004 Teams jerseys!

    :yuck: :yuck: :yuck: :yuck:
  10. Ale10

    2003/2004 Teams jerseys!

  11. Ale10

    2003/2004 Teams jerseys!

    New Real:
  12. Ale10

    2003/2004 Teams jerseys!

    New Milan. Adidas have messed up what was once a nice looking shirt IMO
  13. Ale10

    2003/2004 Teams jerseys!

    3rd (i think)
  14. Ale10

    2003/2004 Teams jerseys!

    New Inter. Seems as if they gone for the same kinda style
  15. Ale10

    Gasbarroni & Paro

    He got sent off yesterday in the U20 final !!
  16. Ale10

    La Liga

    Forza A.Blibao!
  17. Ale10

    Will Figo Leave?

    Ronaldinho is playing far too forward in that postion. He is much more effective playing behind the striker.
  18. Ale10

    D. Albertini

    Simply because he is too old. Trap is building a team for the future. I still think he should be in the squad though, he is always a reliable player. I think he has 79 caps, seems nothing compared to Malidini's 126!!:eek:
  19. Ale10

    Websites of promising young player??

    Nice site. Or this one
  20. Ale10

    Will Figo Leave?

    Yea, he would fit perfectly into Cuper's 4-4-2 system. PLus it would free up Beckham's natural position.