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    Lucky me, I live in Toronto! I get to see Cosmic Gate tomorrow! yay...whoever lives in Toronto make sure to come. Viva club is located in Markham
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    Antonio Cassano compilation by Xandru took off football clips. Thank you Xandru
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    8th Edition DJ Awards Trance Nominees: Paul Oakenfold Tiesto Paul Van Dyk Armin Van Buuren Ferry Corsten Who do you think will win? Not Tiesto..please not Tijs
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    Italian Techno/Trance

    Im a big fan of Italian lyrics in Techno trance songs. Do you know any good ones. I can recommend : La Canzone dell'estate (my song of summer?) By DJ Provenzeno i believe. I love the remix by Vanni G. Vanni G is very good. Do you know any good ones?
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    Zinedine Zidane vs. Ronaldinho

    Here is a compilation of Zidane vs Ronadinho. I didnt make it i just found it. its in french too. lol it has great videos of zidane when he was with juventus and when he had hair!! LOTS OF IT enjoy:
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    Happy New Year to all Iranians

    Happy New Persian Year to all the Iranian people of the world. My Persian friend here reminded me of Eidd Noruz. I went to a celebration last year. Wow crazy!! Happy new year. I think im a bit too early?
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    Francesco Totti and Roberto Baggio Compilation

    Ok these were not made by me. But enjoy: Roberto Baggio : Francesco Totti :
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    Thanks Gabriel Batistuta

    Gabriel "Batigol" Batistuta, 36 year old Argentine hangs his boots. I loved this guy in Fiorentina. God bless him. Thank you for the good times Batigol
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    Juventus Jokes in Italian To whoever speaks Italian
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    Juventus fans Stabbed

    Wow! Savages.
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    Proteins question

    I've been working out hard for the past 4 months. I've seen some very nice results, i can move my pecs now!!! Im impressed. Anyways can anyone tell me what this means? a gram of protein per pound per day? What do they mean by that. What should I eat and how much of it. I do about 2 hours...
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    What do you think they are saying?

    This is after the Italia Sverige match in Euro 2004. Imagine they are saying: Zlatan: I love you Gigi, you are soo beautiful! Gigi: Meet me in the back after!! AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
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    Video's of Zlatan

    Well i found out today that there is bigger Ibrahimovic fans than me. I thought it was impossible until i found this the person who made this site: Goto it and download those 4 movies. They are about 5-10 mins, depending. Download the new Pride of Sweden one. And...
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    Footbol jerseys

    How many footbol jerseys do you have in your home? I have Juvetus #9 Ibrahimovic. very expensive lol