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  1. [EN] Premier League 2005/06

    juve will be champion and you still criticize Capello...... you should move to milan to win moral titles... ungrateful fans...........
  2. [EN] Premier League 2005/06 one talk about the amazing chelsea win!! with 10 men and start losing 4-1!!! champions style
  3. Best Song Ever

    we won´t get fooled again - the who confortably numb - pink floyd black - pearl jam
  4. Top 10 of 100 Most Insane Moments in Rock

    that´s a lie. a mith like manson is.only marketing and stupid songs.......drop dead asshole manson.........
  5. What bands to you like?

    Metallica pink floyd neil young Nirvana Pearl Jam the who Led Zeppelin radiohead u2 james ac/dc coldplay
  6. What bands to you like?

    are you drunk??? one of the best bands ever with superb musicians....:eek:
  7. The ultimate Rockband

    vocals - eddie vedder guitar - pete townshend bass- entwistle drums - keith moon
  8. [EN] Premier League 2005/06

    well, the 3rd league title for chelsea is coming. congrats,mourinho.
  9. moanerinho does it again

    :eek::eek: what a load of nonsense.....:confused:
  10. moanerinho does it again

    the special one strikes again
  11. [EN] Premier League 2005/06

    mourinho is not ranieri. a huge diference. mourinho would still be champion without loads of money. but not with so power like last year when he smashed the others. 12 points!!! ahead remember fc porto glory days? little money huge wins!!!
  12. Now they are afraid of us(qutes from other teams fan forums)

    chelsea will be way stronger this year because they have 2 quality players by each position. last year that was not happening.
  13. Now they are afraid of us(qutes from other teams fan forums)

    it will be fun to watch the se teams clashing for CL TITLE: JUVE MILAN CHELSEA BARÇA MADRID UNITED
  14. [EN] Premier League 2005/06

    before mourinho arrival mas named as a "1 of biggest desapointment of the past years" but with mourinho he´s reached NATIONAL TEAM, and know everyone recognize him as a great player. he didn´t get much time because until half a season he was not doing what mourinho told him............defend and...
  15. Inter close to signing with Anderson

    porto bought him for 5 million euros for 70%. IMO, as a fc porto player, is money wasted. too much money for 1 17 kid. greatness is not certain. porto bought 50% of lucho gonzalez , a great and made player, for 3.5 million. a good deal. and offer 5 million for some kid that can trun into a...
  16. [EN] Premier League 2005/06

    drogba has pace, power, great head game but he as few skills. he has to improve that. and he has to learn how to shut up. mourinho hates this kind of interviews........
  17. Now they are afraid of us(qutes from other teams fan forums)

    sure it is....:D answer me this: who was the best defence in europe last year?
  18. Now they are afraid of us(qutes from other teams fan forums)

    when you´re a mourinho fan no team scares you!!! chelsea midfield is stonger and younger!!! and the defence is not comparable.
  19. [EN] Premier League 2005/06

    joe cole is a very good player but he has to thank mourinho for his wakening this year!! glory mourinho!!!
  20. Inter close to signing with Anderson

    he´s a fc porto player......... money wasted........