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  1. Juve only neads Hanry....

    I think that Juve should concider making a offer for Hanry. I rank him as one of the best strikers in the world, if not the best. I know that he is expensive but on the other hand he would guerantee at least 20 goals/season. And for his critics please look att the Inter match last year and what...
  2. Stadio Agnelli

    I think that the new Juve stadium should be named after Agnelli. This man has done so much for Juventus, and to name the stadium after him would make him imortal. What do you think about this???
  3. Trezeguet

    Did you guys whatch the Basel game. Wasn't Trez great. I guess Di Vaio has to warm the bench now. Trez welcome back!!!