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  1. Happy Ramdan

    ramadan mubarak to you.... may allah accept allah the good deeds from all our muslim nation.....
  2. Happy New Year :)

    Happy new no war to all a yall
  3. Q & A

    I forgot to thank you for the good question Riz Khan
  4. Q & A

    i think that we and roma gat the same problem in the absence of either alex or totti from both the teams. who thought the lazio would survive in the cl in the absence of veron, salas, nesta and nedved . guys the point is, if the whole team depends on couple a players with all...
  5. one of the most boring fans, juve fans at home or else where.

    THe player 23 in the team is the home crowd. 2 questions about our croud either in delalpi or away 1 what is the reason behind the black outfit which 80%of the crowd is putting on? 2 dont you think that the crowd should be more active than they are...
  6. just wondering...

    i think a team like uv deserves a better pitch than the recent one. at least in future time.
  7. Top Ten Teams In The World!!

    how about this one 1 J 2 U 3 V 4 E 5 N 6 T 7 U 8 S 9 JUVENTUS 10 I dont matter if they all come to fill the tenth place.
  8. JUVE in the UAE

    4 positive points of juve visit to the UAE 1 going to discover a new culture. 2 they bieng suprised of the crowd and the cermony 3 away from pressure ans them being refreshed 4 a very hostile and frendly weather out there besides they will come to know how far their poulariy is...