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  1. Azzuri Tour of the US

    The Azzurri will be playing Ecuador at Giants Stadium on Saturday June 11, according to channel4/football Italia. In the article it says it will feature a large amount of “experimental” players. You guys think they’ll bring Totti, Del Piero and the gang?
  2. Zabrotta On

    Maybe Zambrotta is Juve's new Nike frontman? If you go to, and click on the Enter to the right, you will see him. He's part of the intro. I took a screen shot too;
  3. Euro 2004, who will win?

    I am just wondering who people think will win Euro 2004, and in what way. By in what way, I mean who will finsih first and second in the group, and then who they will face and so on all the way until the final. I see it hapening this way: With Italy winning 2-1. I can't wait to see what...
  4. maresca

    Here's another:
  5. Birindelli Juventini till 2007

    "Il ciclo bianconero del futuro sono loro": con queste parole il direttore generale della Juventus, Luciano Moggi, ha ufficializzato i rinnovi contrattuali di Tacchinardi e Birindelli. "Sono la Juve che dura nel tempo - ha aggiunto il dg - lo zoccolo duro della squadra". Il difensore, che aveva...
  6. Pee on Milan

    This was a quick Photoshop project. If anyone has a better one post em. Neo
  7. 2003 Italian Super Cup (Juventus vs Milan)

    Does anyone have any idea where I can get the Italian Super Cup played in NY? I was at the game, and it was great, but I can't find anyone who tapped it or if it was sold anywhere.. HELP ...Neo