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  1. CL Top Earners

    I found this in world soccer magazine.. CL top Earners from UEFA 1992-2005 (since the begining): 1-Bayern Munich 131.0M£ 2-Man.Utd 121.3M£ 3-Real madrid 119.9M£ 4-Juventus 103.1M£ 5-Milan 92.6M£ 6-Arsenal 91.4M£...
  2. Will be off..

    I will be off for two weeks or three,vacation (finally),see you guys later.. BTW,Ali-P was me..Sorry Zlatan :D
  3. Buddy list

    what is that?I understand the Ignore list,but I have no clue about this one
  4. Software for Ipod

    I am looking for the software of Ipod that let the Ipod play normal Mp3s (downloaded free)..anyone can help?
  5. Saudis' King Fahd dies

    Saudi Arabia's King Fahd -- whose reign was marked by unprecedented prosperity, but whose close ties with the United States stirred the passions of Islamic militants -- has died, Saudi officials announced today. He was believed to be in his early 80s. The former Crown Prince Abdullah, Fahd's...
  6. Marty's celebration thread

    He just posted his 100th :cheesy:
  7. Where is ...

    where is my blue boxer?anybody seen?
  8. Help!!about Digital MP3 players..

    I am very confused to choose one,I want it around 200$ at least 5GB..any Idea? SO far I amk thinking of these: Apple 20 GB iPod M9282LL/A Creative NOMAD Jukebox Zen Xtra 40 GB MP3 Player iRiver H10 5 GB Digital MP3 Player Remix Blue
  9. I am the king

  10. UEFA European U-19 C'ship

    It's after 4 days..
  11. UEFA Champions League qualifications

    First qualifying round, first leg 12 July 2005 Lev. Tallinn 1-0 Dinamo Tbilisi Dinamo Minsk 1-1 Anorthosis Neftchi 2-0 Hafnarfjördur Kairat Almaty 2-0 Artmedia Rabotnicki 6-0 Skonto Sliema 1-4 Sheriff First qualifying...
  12. Martin!!I want my posts Back

    I just saw that thread,is it late? :D
  13. Dan

    you need to sleep man :D CHeck it I am not better tough :P
  14. Gerrard "this is the official news"

    yay another Gerrard thread :cheesy: Gerrard pledges future to Liverpool Friday, 8 July 2005 Liverpool FC captain Steven Gerrard has pledged his future to the European champions by signing a new four-year contract, joining team-mates Jamie Carragher, Dietmar Hamann and Djimi Traoré in...
  15. Deadline??

    İs ıt the last day for the sıte today?I am expectıng last mınute surprıse from Moggı :D
  16. Serie A/B Play-Off??

    I just saw it on what does it mean?do they mean that one of the serie B clubs will play one of serie A clubs for promotion?if so.which team from Serie B will play against?
  17. Official Transfers Thread

    this thread is just for official transfers,no rumours,no "whis transfers", no "almost done deals" etc.. Only the official transfers done 100%..I will update the list everyday.. P.S: post the source too..and the transfer fee Coaches: ======== - Trappatoni : (Stuttgart) -...
  18. Mike Jackson Innocent

    Michael Jackson is found not guilty on all 10 charges in his child molestation case. what you think?anybody cares?
  19. 2500

    it's my 2500 th post :cheesy: (finally) it's great to have this forums (hope stay up) and to meet you guys :touched:
  20. For Nicole

    this one is specially made for you Nicole.enjoy :D Don't click here