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  1. campionesidd

    Italy to reach third spot in UEFA country rankings by 2016/17?

    From the 2012/13 season onwards, Germany has 32.642 points, Italy has 28.414 points. Next season Italy could easily score more points than Germany given that apart from Bayern and Dortmund, the rest of their teams are just cannon fodder in Europe. Projections for next year's coefficients are as...
  2. campionesidd

    Any Asian Juve fans here?

    Hi, I'm from Mumbai,India. Here, finding a Juve fan or even a Serie A fan is like finding an oasis in the desert. Most of the football 'fans' that I know are EPL+Barca+Madrid fanboys. Watching or discussing football with these plastics is a very frustrating experience. I wonder if there are any...
  3. campionesidd

    Clubs with the most World Cup winners

    Which clubs have the most World Cup Winners? I'm pretty sure that we are numero uno (with 24 players) but would like to know the number for other 'big' clubs.
  4. campionesidd

    Which clubs do you hate?

    Which non-Italian clubs do you detest? Personally, I can't stand Barcelona,Manchester United and Chelsea. The other teams that I don't like (but don't necessarily hate) are Bayern Munich,Man City,Wigan and Stoke City.