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  1. where is the love?---by black eyed peas

    well, i love this song a lot cuz it's very good, and i like the music vedio. and i think if Justin didn't sing the chorus, it won't so good as i hear do u agree?
  2. Gareth Gates----anyone of us

    When the first time i heard it, i liked it. it sounded as if i've heard it before. But actually, i've never heard it before. i don't like soft songs, but this is an exception. Though Will Young won the' Pop Idol ', i think Gareth is better than him.
  3. C.S.I anybody here like it?
  4. Delta Goodrem

  5. Train

    i love them a lot, and i think they r the best band for me in the world! they won the 44th grammy awards( best rock song 'drops of Jupiter' ) by the way, that's my favorite song. is anybody here like them?or like the song?