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  1. JuveTrueChamps

    Hi im New

  2. JuveTrueChamps

    Matteo Brighi

    Who is he? Just wondering because he is the best player on fifa 2003 and is one of the best on championship manager. Is he on loan to parma or did they buy him off us?
  3. JuveTrueChamps

    Championship Manager 4

    Anyone got it? I think its the best manager game out, i kick ass with Juventus :D
  4. JuveTrueChamps

    New games

    Quite a few good games comin out in the UK soon. The new grand theft auto for playstation should be good. Also on playstation Smackdown 4, Tony hawk 4 and Tomb Raider, these are being released in november :D :D :cool:
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    Any hard rockers or metal fans in here. Rock and metal is my fave type of music. Soulfly is my fave band. Whos everyone elses?
  6. JuveTrueChamps

    Hi im New

    HI juve fans im new. So what does everyone think our chances are of retaining the title this upcoming season? I think we can do it :cool: :D