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  1. ebraheej

    Alessio "Powershot" Tacchinardi by Lord_ Juve!

    So true.....
  2. ebraheej

    Patrick vieira and arsenal

    The commentator said that Cannavaro was with him...
  3. ebraheej

    You know your..... when....

    I found this in another forum ( and thought it would be nice to share it with you guys. You know your an arab when... A visa is not a credit card. You refer to your dad's friends as amy/amo You have an endless supply of pistachios, dates, and pumpkin seeds...
  4. ebraheej

    [CL] Juventus - Bayern München

    Abbiati-5 Cannavaro-6 Thuram-6.5 Kovac-6 Emerson-6 Vieira-6.5 Zambrotta-7 Chiellini-6.5 Del Piero-6 Trezeguet-7.5 Zlatan-6.5 Nedved-7
  5. ebraheej

    Road to WC2006

    Oh come on, I am Bahraini and I must say that they play extremely well and gave it all on both legs. They are in no way dirty and neither are their fans, may I remind you of the game between Bahrain and Japan and how our fans started throwing rocks. Respect to Uzbekistan and and their captain...
  6. ebraheej

    DP Or Cassano To Germany

    Giladino, Toni, Cassano, Del Piero, Iaquinta.
  7. ebraheej

    What happens when Andy and I and some beer get together.

    Wow, can I be your friend.
  8. ebraheej

    RIP "Il Proffesore"

    The Italian football world was in shock last night when former Genoa Coach Franco Scoglio died of a heart attack on live television. The tactician was in the midst of a telephone debate with current club patron Enrico Preziosi on local station Primo Canale when he collapsed. The transmission...
  9. ebraheej

    Countdown: Trezeguet and Del Piero

    I think this joke stopped being funny the hundredth time you guys said it. How about being original for a change.
  10. ebraheej

    After The Del Piero Era ???

    I think that the Del Piero era at Juventus is already over, even though he still is a Juventus player.
  11. ebraheej

    Zalayeta Hattrick

    I truely believe that Zalayeta is the best "backheel passer" in Juve.
  12. ebraheej

    Asian Qualifying WC2006

    Wait no Mohammed Salmeen? Strange. Even as a holding midfielder he's better than Saleh Farhan.
  13. ebraheej

    WCQ: Italy vs. Scotland, Belarus

    You mean after one game this season?
  14. ebraheej

    Il Capitano Alessandro Del Piero

    Yeah Lippi and Ancelotti were biased, and so is Capello. As they say what goes around comes around, the same way Lippi and Carlo ignored on form players in order to play dp, the same thing is happening to him. He has to pay for the bias of his coaches.
  15. ebraheej

    Any of you guys ever met a player?

    I met Sven Goran Erikson, Babayaro, and Frank Lampard. I met lampard BTW at a cofee shop in London while Juve were crowned as champions. Lampard got extremely annoyed and was swearing at Mutu when he saw him left the trophy. Prick.
  16. ebraheej

    Best Song Ever

    Bohemien Rhapsody- Queen Thugz Mansion- Tupac Il misafir- Arabic
  17. ebraheej

    Hail the Champions of Europe!

    The deserved to win for the comeback alone. deserved.
  18. ebraheej

    Il Capitano Alessandro Del Piero

  19. ebraheej

    Saudis' King Fahd dies

  20. ebraheej

    Official: The Beast signs for Real Madrid

    I didnt see that coming.