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  1. Juve_7

    May 17th ...If you were Trap how would you choose them?

    May 17th is closing in and thats the date when Trap has to announce the 22 for Portogal ...i thought i will start this thread and see how you guys would 've choosen if it was up to you ...i will post my list soon but just thought ill get it started .......Cheers
  2. Juve_7

    Maradona In Intensive Care!!

    :down::down::down: i really hope he gets well soon .....bellow is the link for the soccerage article <>
  3. Juve_7

    Quistion about the CL

    I have the following quistion about the CL and hope you can help me out: Does the champion of the tournament get an automatic place in next year's CL even if finishing lets say 6th in his domestic league?
  4. Juve_7

    Help from Dubai

    Hi Guys anybody knows a pub or a bar in Dubai that plays the Serie A games?? im dying here as i dont have the cable channel that bought the rights for it and i cant find no were where i can watch the matches? Cheers
  5. Juve_7

    Any Pearl Jam Fans Here

    Love all there work, they are my favourite band ..... just thought ill check out if any of you guys like them ... Rock on
  6. Juve_7

    Nedved has unfinished business

    A good remark from neved to the press, but i wonder if he is seriuose about it "Juventus wing engine Pavel Nedved has continued his fight against transfer rumours, saying he doesn’t want to leave the Delle Alpi without raising Champions’ League silver. "I still have two more years of contract...