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  1. Durden

    Serie A 2021-22

    Why don't they show the offside line on the goal. Not saying he was offside, but why don't they show it? It must have been very close.
  2. Durden

    Juventus - LIVE matches 2021-22

    because he is a fucking idiot
  3. Durden

    Juventus - LIVE matches 2021-22

    Fuck you tek
  4. Durden

    Weston McKennie

    Fuck Witsel, he had his chance
  5. Durden

    Serie A 2021-22

    We started where we left off last season, losing points against the smaller teams, because of idiotic personal errors from overpaid players...
  6. Durden

    Juventus - LIVE matches 2021-22

    we are not winning anything with that fucking idiot in goal
  7. Durden

    Juventus - LIVE matches 2021-22

    Tek is fucking awful!
  8. Durden

    Juventus - LIVE matches 2021-22

    looked like bonbon was angry at cuads after the goal?
  9. Durden

    [Serie A] Udinese 2-2 Juventus [August 22nd, 2021]

    4-4-2 defending ( with Chiesa tracking back ). 4-3-3 attacking.
  10. Durden

    Serie A 2021-22

    what a shite team Genoa have. Think they will get relegated this year
  11. Durden

    Summer mercato 2021-22

    was this not denied yesterday as a bs rumor from Reddit?
  12. Durden

    Summer mercato 2021-22

  13. Durden

    Manuel Locatelli - DM - Sassuolo

    It’s so lame when they try to “negotiate“ in public.
  14. Durden

    Matthijs de Ligt

    I don’t think it should have been red. Schick didnt have clear passage to the goal, Blind would have got there first
  15. Durden

    Non-Juve Transfer news (official or rumors)

    Agree. Its disgusting that serie a has becomed PSGs supermarket, I fucking hate that club and their owner
  16. Durden

    Euro 2020 - General Talk Thread

    Was demiral involved in the penalty?
  17. Durden


    So no :PP: then?
  18. Durden


    he is to ugly for Juve. Makes kulu look like Brad Pitt
  19. Durden

    Antonio Conte

    how the hell did he manage to get 7mill, when its him that wants out? :lol:
  20. Durden

    [Serie A] Juventus 3-2 Inter [May 15th, 2021]

    watch it again. No way that was a red card. all commentators agree.