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  1. Roman

    Robert Acquafresca

    There are links that Acquafresca is the guy who is gonna be our 4th striker and replace Trez. Acquafresca set for young Juve Sunday 14 June, 2009 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Robert Acquafresca could be the latest addition to...
  2. Roman

    WC06-ITA-GER & ITA-FRA!!!

    Guys, if u can plz help,at the time of the wc,here on the forum were links to download the both matches in HQ,english commentator,ESPN. Really great DVD matches,high quality,everything+after matches+celebrations... can someone help out?or even send it to me in privat or something... thnx...
  3. Roman

    Requested Juve goals from 4 games this season

    Hey all, guys,i need Juve goals from mathces: vs Livorno(3-0) vs Cagliari(4-0) vs Lazio(1-1) vs Siena(2-0) if you can help and upload them here,or maybe give some links,or site....plz. Thanks alot!
  4. Roman

    Uefa Champions league Fantasy Football

    Hey everyone, the UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football is back. For everyone who wants to play either register or log in if you already have an account. I've created a league for Juventuz. The name is Juventuz League and the code to join is 5534-1304 UEFA Champions League Fantasy...
  5. Roman

    Round 30

    round 30 Week 31 16/4/05 Brescia - Atalanta Inter - Cagliari Livorno - Fiorentina Bologna - Lazio Juventus - Lecce Siena - Milan Sampdoria - Palermo Chievo - Parma Roma - Reggina Messina - Udinese Goodluck!:cool:
  6. Roman


    To those of you who really can help... i wanna buy a new computer,and i found myself in sort of an anarguiment about AMD/INTEL,i didn't really care,i have Intel pentium 2 now,:D,but now i'm starting to care.... i heard that in 2 years all the technology will work on the 64 bit system no...
  7. Roman

    Maccabi-Juve=>2 unforgetable days!:touched:

    Well here i am and i have to tell you what wonderfull 2 days i have passed!!! 7.12.04 I am a member of an official Juve fan club here in Israel,and we together went to the airport,we were about 50 juventinis.But as we came we found another 250-300 fans there,all waiting for Juve to...
  8. Roman

    Goal request-plz

    Can someone post Neddy's goal against Bayern in Turin plz? Thnx a lot...i lost the goal... i had it....must be my little sister...deleted it or something.... Thnx.:angel:
  9. Roman

    -=Uefa fantazy Champions league=-

    The Cl is back next make sure you did all the's free now.;) And good luck all.