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    Optical illusions

    how is this possible?

    Vieira wants to go back to Arsenal He says he wants to go back to arsenal, unbelievable guy... what do u think?

    C&C Generals Zero hour

    i really like this game, one of the best, any fans of the game here?

    car to choose

    hello everyone... i hope there are some bmw and mercedes users here to help me with this: planning to get a new car and im confused what to get: BMW 528i (2000) or Mercedes-Benz e320 (1998)... regardless of the price... i would also like to know more about the performance of both...

    Pocket PCs

    ok guys, im sure u know some good ones, what pocket pcs do you recommend? im planning to get one....... (regardless of price)


    I consider myself a slow poster, but somehow i reached the 1000 post level.... anyway, i want to thank the staff and the mods and every member here for making this forum a great place....

    Pentium VS. Centrino

    Hi guys, im planning to buy a new laptop and would like you to tell me what system do u prefer : centrino or pentium.... regardless of price...

    Roma lower Emo price

    There could be some developments in the Emerson transfer saga on Tuesday with Roma and Juventus set to resume talks. Turin transfer chief Luciano Moggi is expected to meet Roma sporting director Franco Baldini in a bid to resolve the situation. The midfielder has agreed to join the Stadio...

    Mexes move on hold

    Roma’s bid to land Philippe Mexes has hit problems after the French FA blocked his transfer. The Auxerre stopper has agreed a four-year deal with the capital outfit but the two clubs have yet to agree a fee. The Giallorossi have offered £3m but Auxerre want almost double that amount as he...
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    Help needed

    hi guys, i need a registry cleaner, so does anyone know a free and a good one?
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    Champions league statistics.

    Top Scorers 1. Morientes Monaco 9 2. Pršo Monaco 7 3. Makaay Bayern 6 4. Pandiani Deportivo 6 5. Drogba Marseille 5 Assists 1. Deco Porto 6 2. Rothen...
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    Official: Deshamps to Juventus!

    Didier Deshamps has officially declared that he accepted to join juventus, moggi paid him 2 million euros for 3 years contract.... he will be presented by juventus on next Friday.... source (arabic, trusted):
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    How Del piero look in Milan

    heres a pic for DP in AC milan jersey, :cool:
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    Automatic gear VS Manual gear

    If u want to buy a car, what type of gear do u prefer: the manual gear or the automatic gear? I prefer the manual gear since it allows the driver to have the car in his hands, but still the automatic is much easier.. so what do u prefer?
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    Spurs, Juventus alerted as Diego gets his passport

    Tottenham and Juventus have been alerted to the news that Santos midfielder Diego is on the verge of obtaining his European passport. Diego has been a long-term target for Spurs, but declared an ambition to join Juventus last week. His EU Passport will be won thanks to his family's Italian...
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    For linux profs.

    does anybody know how to uninstall linux from a pc?, i have windows and linux on my pc but i cant find a way to remove it without formatting my pc.
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    No comment

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    Nedved or Totti

    whom do you think is better now.......just type the name with no arguments..
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    Happy New Year

    happy new year to all of u! wishing u a new year filled with new hope and joy!
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    Dont trust your eyes

    does it actually move?