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  1. jamaliano

    Black And White

    what is this blue theme in this site? BLACK, WHITE, GREY and GOLD are the true colours of juve. And where is the Juve amblem for Godsake. has the image of a Lazio or Deportivo site and not where the fans of the best club in the world meet!
  2. jamaliano

    Serie A revival?

    Serie A revival what revival. Serie A has been and is still the best league but has been in decline in the last few years. The italian league was better last year and even better the previous year. They may have done well in the CL this year and crapped last year but a league cannot and should...
  3. jamaliano

    Milan- Juventus

    we love beating them dont we! Lets knock them out of the race once and for all!
  4. jamaliano

    Flying Donkeys

    we might have brought them down to earth again but Chievo is a real suprise to me. Their achievements last year coupled with this seasons antics is something to behold. Del Neri's has really done great job here. He has added spice to Serie A after the demise of Fiorentina and to some extent Parma.
  5. jamaliano

    Cursed Granata

    The Manchester City of Italy by Roberto Gotta If Manchester United ruined writer Colin Shindler's life, just imagine what Juventus must have done to the lives of the thousands of Turin residents who do not support the Bianconeri but the city's other great club, Torino. Juventus...
  6. jamaliano

    Men Of The Year

    MICHAEL BALLACK byJames Ellaby The nearly man of world football in 2002, Michael Ballack has been, in my opinion, the best player. He may have missed out on any of the numerous trophies he came so close to winning, and he may have seen Ronaldo walk off with all of the player of the year...
  7. jamaliano

    Juventus Fans

    There are more Juve fans in Milan than Turin! This an a quote from an article. "The Lombardia region, home to Inter and Milan, has always bizarrely had more Juventus fans than Piemonte, where Juventus are located. "
  8. jamaliano

    WORLD FOOTBALL............the year in Review

    Real Madrid 1 Deportivo La Coruna 2, March 6th, Santiago Bernabeu. The past twelve months has seen a collection of classic matches. However, the following game will live long in the memory not because it was great football, or it was one of the biggest shocks, or that it had moments of...
  9. jamaliano

    History Revised

    Rome is where the art is Friday, 13 December 2002 It may come as a shock to English people who have long held the view that they invented football, but really it comes from Italy. In a new volume of the Encyclopedia Treccani an entry heralded by Corriere della Sera as "a rather bold bit of...
  10. jamaliano

    Italy 2002........the year in review.

    was it the disppointment at WC 2002, Juve's dramatic win of the scudetto at the olympico:D? whatever you think, the best match i think was THAT memorable Rome derby. Here is what an Oliver Thompson thinks. That memorable Rome derby 12 Dec 2002 In the first of a festive series...
  11. jamaliano

    The BEST league in the world

    How do you judge this. Its the toughest think to do. Should we use the teams result in Europe to judge this? I dont think so. Serie A for all the terrible results they have had in Europe recently has been by far the toughest and the best league in europe. Spanish and English sides have...
  12. jamaliano


    lets kick off the match. I wonder why no one started this topic before. Basel, Hmmmmmmmm harrased the hell out of Man U, and we have not been firing on all cylinders recently. We also have been conceding goals by the backet since Montero come back, i hope we watch out. Hakan Yakin can give us...