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  1. Oggy

    Electric Scooters

    Ok, so I'm now totally into this, I'm not sure how to call it, means of transportation, joy, and accidents. So I've decided that after a decade (I think) I'm gonna open the thread. Do you drive one of these? What kind? We can basically discuss anything related to Electric scooters.
  2. Oggy

    Hattrick thread

    When I saw curi's thread about Hattrick youth system I decided to make special thread only about Hattrick. I suppose that many of you heard or played or playing hattrick, others who doesn't know what hattrick is can simply ask and find out :) I'm waiting for you guys te share our experiences...
  3. Oggy

    Salihamidzic to Juve???

    Hey this is the latest rumour I've red. Source is the biggest newspapers in the Bosnia. I think this link is pure rubbish but "please discuss" :D
  4. Oggy

    Friendly match (Bosnia - France)

    I know that this game doesn't attract much attention, but France is world vice-champion and Bosnia is my country which means that I'm very intrested in this match. I have one question for all of you, because I'm going to this match I'm thinking of making a big banner to Trezeguet, something...
  5. Oggy

    Olympics in Turin 2006

    Does anyone have video of opening ceremony from Turin???
  6. Oggy

    Juventus vs Empoli

    Shit we'r loosing at the 3rd minute...