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  1. Giovinco20

    [SERIE A] JUVENTUS 4-1 Bologna (March 14th/09)

    I think ranieri will field this: Buffon Zebina Mellberg Chiellini Molinaro Tiago Poulsen Marchisio Giovinco Iaquinta Alex OR 4-4-2 with salihamdzic and giovinco as wingers, but the first formation is better IMO.
  2. Giovinco20

    Diego DONE DEAL(read posts #1 & #4786)

    Juve have Diego date Juventus and Werder Bremen have finally set a meeting date to discuss the future of Brazilian midfield star Diego. The Bianconeri have been chasing the gifted playmaker for months and Diego has hinted that he would welcome a move to Turin. Finally it seems that...
  3. Giovinco20

    Sebastian Giovinco

    what do you think is the best position for seba ? LM or ST ?
  4. Giovinco20

    UCL: Juventus - Chelsea 1/8 2nd Leg

    where can i download full match ??
  5. Giovinco20

    [Champions League] JUVENTUS 2-2 Chelsea (03/10/2009)

    A real legend !!!
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    [Champions League] JUVENTUS 2-2 Chelsea (03/10/2009)

  7. Giovinco20

    [Champions League] JUVENTUS 2-2 Chelsea (03/10/2009)

    Juve will, hopefully, win 2-0. FORZA JUVE
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    David Silva

    :lol: :lol: :lol: I am just really nervous ahead of chelsea's match so i decided to FUCK CHELSEA :flag3:
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    [Champions League] JUVENTUS 2-2 Chelsea (03/10/2009)

    is juve channel available ?
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    [Champions League] JUVENTUS 2-2 Chelsea (03/10/2009)

    Surgery for Sissoko On the fracture of the fifth metatarsal of the left foot of the player Mohamed Sissoko, it was decided to proceed with surgical intervention of osteosynthesis. This operation will be carried out during the day tomorrow Profossori by Flavio Quaglia and Giuliano Cerulli at...
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    [Champions League] JUVENTUS 2-2 Chelsea (03/10/2009)

    why not :melayyanandmessi: :lol:
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    [Champions League] JUVENTUS 2-2 Chelsea (03/10/2009)

    definitely we need a solid rock in the midfield because if they scored once it is all over
  13. Giovinco20

    [Champions League] JUVENTUS 2-2 Chelsea (03/10/2009)

    psycho..sissoko owns the midfield defensively almost every match. If marchisio does not play then we are doomed because he is the only one who can fill sissoko's place
  14. Giovinco20

    [Champions League] JUVENTUS 2-2 Chelsea (03/10/2009)

    shit !! marchionni is out ! no doubt salihamdzic will start Salihamdzic = Invisible but he sometimes decides games like milan's last season.
  15. Giovinco20

    [Champions League] JUVENTUS 2-2 Chelsea (03/10/2009)

    GUYS is Marchionni injured ? What is his situation ? source please
  16. Giovinco20

    David Silva

    Juventus are set to meet the agent of Valencia and Spain winger David Silva on Wednesday, according to Tuttosport. The Bianconeri have identified Silva as a possible replacement for Pavel Nedved, who will retire at the end of the season. Valencia are in grave financial trouble and plan...
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    The NBA Thread

    a reaaaaal monster
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    [SERIE A] Torino 0-1 JUVENTUS (7th/March/09)

    guys im really terrified ahead of chelsea's match..i cant imagine juve out of the CL after this long journey
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    Is this spiderman ?
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    Movies you've seen recently...

    Pink Panther 2 - I couldnt stop laughing at Steve Martin's accent