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  1. tassard

    political compass test

    Of course, 50 questions are not enough to identify the political views of anyone, but I'd like to see the results of the members here I'll post mine later
  2. tassard

    Juve in cl??

    I did not know where to post that.It seems interesting to me.Can anyone translate plz? ---------------------------------------------- Juventus subito in Europa nella prossima stagione, magari in Champions League, partendo dai preliminari? Non è un sogno irrealizzabile dei tifosi...
  3. tassard

    Official:No 2 years ban for Roma

  4. tassard

    Toyota cup video

  5. tassard

    Carlos Tevez

  6. tassard

    Who is this man?He is.......

    Do you know the guy next to Platini???:P :D :P
  7. tassard

    Let's go back in Summer 2004...

    Let's think that we are in summer 2004 after the bad season.Let's say that Canna is to join Juve so our defence will be great.So now to the main thing.Juventus management sold Di Vaio to Valencia and Miccoli to Fiorentina(Well, that was a co-ownership) to bring Zlatan Ibrahimovic in Turin.Would...
  8. tassard

    Villa against Deportivo

    Has anyone Villa's goal against Depor for the spanish cup?I heared it was from the middle of the pitch
  9. tassard

    Pamela Anderson's new video

    That's her new video:P
  10. tassard

    Capello on Buffon

    I read today that Capello said for Buffon that he is lazy in training and he prefers to give interviews and be to the magazines.Is that true?
  11. tassard


    Any news from him?Anyone knows if he plays well?Is there any chance to take him back and be in our first team next season?
  12. tassard

    Cannavaro videos.

    Please can u upload any video of Canna you have?
  13. tassard

    Willy Sagnol

    The never-ending transfer saga concerning Willy Sagnol seems to have taken a new twist. Bayern Munich now believe that they are back in contention for the French international who looked poised to join Serie A giants Juventus. The in-demand right back had announced that he will leave the...
  14. tassard

    Juve celebrations after CL final in 1996

    Has anyone a video of the moments after the last penalty?
  15. tassard

    WATCH INTER vs MILAN There:)
  16. tassard

    Ibra vs Samuel

    I want to have some fun.Has anyone any videos of Ibra's skills against Samuel from the games against Real or against Inter?
  17. tassard

    Moggi on Ronaldinho and Eto'o

    I heared that Moggi said something about Ronaldinho and Eto in the last days.Anyone knows something?I heared that in radio but they did not say what exactly he said.They said <<after what Moggi said for Ronaldinho and Eto..........blah blah blah>>
  18. tassard

    Tudor vs Deportivo la Coruna 2003

    Has anyone the goal please with Italian comments?
  19. tassard


    Does anyone know this guy?He plays in our u-20 team and I heared he is superb
  20. tassard

    Valencia's Miguel

    Is anyone here who watches Valencia games?I want to know if we missed a good player or he is nt Juve material.