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  1. I still remember it...

    Only from here greg. Merry Christmas all!!
  2. The who wants to go to Chelsea - Juve match

    could be tricky, Home fans are unlikely unless you can borrow a season ticket (i know 32 season ticket holders at chelsea but they're all going)or pay a tout. Can get box seats but only in my company, im allready sorted in lower shed so thats a no go. Will see if my cousin can get any extra...
  3. Nick Against the World

    Another time andy, long story... But essentially the world is what you make it, not what it makes you.
  4. Nick Against the World

    Not sure where that came from, No, not at all i live comfortably and my family are covered, Ive been close to what id call rich, but not now, just comfortable and without worry and worked fucking hard for it. The point is rich or poor, (both of which ive been) money doesnt dictate happiness...
  5. Nick Against the World

    Hey, make the most of it, you've earned it. I wish you all the best and hope when you need to or want to return to the workforce you have no issues in doing so... Good luck
  6. Calciopoli or Morattopoli.. inter fake orgasm

    To be honest, calciopoli is a done subject held onto far too long. People need to move on and get over it... get back to supporting our team rather than misinformed arguments over something you cant change with generally overly subjective and emotionally biased, fixed minded people who for...
  7. Nick Against the World

    Hey greg, hope your good, there must be some hot topics around here at the moment...
  8. Nick Against the World

    Possibly, At the end of the day there are far more important things than money (though my wife and children will never have to worry about tha, they are covered for life, whatever happens). Ive had more money than i can spend and been broke and homeless, not to mention many places imbetween...
  9. Calciopoli or Morattopoli.. inter fake orgasm

    hi Bozi :) , I have little time for bianconero, I know that one well enough
  10. Nick Against the World

    I take it you are a fan then... To be honest, whilst i do make it my business to understand and know whats going on in the financial world... I tend to play with money rather than use it wisely...
  11. Nick Against the World

    Yes, Did some stuff for aljazeera english as well... dont know much about him
  12. Nick Against the World

    Financial guy?
  13. Nick Against the World

    Currently, eating a profiterole or 2 washed down with a rather strange yet potent home made vodka i brought back from ukraine last month...
  14. Nick Against the World

    I meant both. I thought you liked it there...
  15. Israeli-Palestinian conflict

    Ha Ha... I'm not playing that game with you Andy...
  16. Nick Against the World

    What is with you students and no excitement in your lives... Its us oldies sposed to be boring...
  17. Israeli-Palestinian conflict

    No one ever said it wasnt acceptable, people can essentially say what they please... Whilst the comment wasnt aimed at you, but rather the imbalance of this thread. Being as you said the issue needs to be spoken of, in making such a statement does that not mean you should on having uttered this...
  18. Israeli-Palestinian conflict

    Dont believe i said that in any way... Nonsense is an unfortunate word to use for such a subject... Speaking without balance and knowledge of all angles, free of bias and open to discussion and admittance aids no one but rather adds a pace for each illegitimate utterance
  19. Nick Against the World

    not bad andy, not bad, you ? Have i missed anything exciting lately?
  20. Israeli-Palestinian conflict

    Not the general use within this forum, which was more the point... Strange thread this in its balance, bias and belief in knowledge that in reality is meaningless without experience... that is sadly lacking but for a minuscule though sometimes amplified voice among crashing tides of illusion.