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  1. DelpieroForLife

    Juventus Training Camp Dubai

    I have arrived half hour before the night training session (scheduled at 6pm), but I found out that the team bus has already left so I had to stay in the hotel waiting for the players arrival from the training session. Unfortunately, when they get back nearly at 8pm I was waiting at the other...
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    Maher, please come back!

    Shutup moron. Signed by: DelpieroForLife IrishZebra Chester vlatko Bozmatronic Kyle Dule90 Byrone xXx Alen Lion Bisco Albertmare
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    Funniest Member

    I can't recall having such thread before... Poll?
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    My 5K

    We have witnessed like 5k dedication threads created lately so maybe it is my turn to create my own;) After 4 years of being around I get used to check even before checking my personal E-mail... so you know... I would just like to thank everybody here and I'm really sorry if I...
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    Was 2007 the worst Mercato summer in Juve's recent history?

    The Bad Buys: Molinaro: He wasn't, isn't and won't ever be Juve material. Andrade: Everybody knew he is a freaking injury prone... risky stupid move for my liking. Criscito: I don't give a shit about his potential HE IS NOT READY FOR JUVE YET. Tiago: Freaking Ranieri should never ever buy...
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    Other European teams, How do you feel about them?

    Arguably the below list contain the most famous and successful teams in Europe (Other than Juventus of course) during the past decade or two. AC Milan: The most hated team in Europe IMO. Inter Milan: Should I comment here:D Manchester United: I hate Mancheter as a team but I somehow...
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    Syrian NT Coach, Antonio Cabrini

    It is a lil bit old news but Antonio Cabrini is currently in charge of Syrian national football team, after being appointed on late September 2007 to boost Syrian NT bid to qualify to WC2010 (Which is impossible, not Lippi nor Mourinho can do it within the current centurey). At least it is...
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    On January 10, 2006 Del Piero became the all time leading goalscorer for Juventus when he scored three times in a Coppa Italia match against Fiorentina and took his total goals for the club to 185. Lets go back Four or five years to the days when nearly everyone was asking for his head and...
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    Running out of defensive options!!!

    First of all lets agree on a simple fact, Our defense sucks and there is now way we are going to face the likes of Zlatan, Kaka and Totti with such a backline. According to press we are linked mainly with two defenders: Meira and Hienze and it seems almost certain we will land one of them...
  11. DelpieroForLife

    Steady... Ready... I'm Back!!

    I beleive I havn't post here for around 6 months by now... and because of me being lazy I think most of the members here don't know me anymore. I see a lot of new faces ... and to make things even worst jerks like Jeeks and Rab are Mods by now ;) It would be my pleasure to post regulary...
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    Quit Wasting My Precious Time "3K"

    I know I've not been a regular poster lately but I've always enjoied my time here. Regular poster are different of those of two years ago (the date when I first join this forum) but quality of posts are quite encouraging to keep wasting my precious time with those endless useless discussions...
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    Players With Honor

    “The last two years are not to be erased, I feel that we won those Scudetti on the pitch, they are mine. I was proud to be a Juventino and I still am. Serie B? I would have no problem playing in it. I have two years left on my contract and I want to respect it.” Fabio Cannavaro...
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    3rd Star or 3rd CL ?

    We r in the verge of winning our 29th Scudetto whcih will leave us one step away from putting a 3rd star on our black and white jersey, while we dream every year of making our 3rd trophy in Champions Legaue... Which target do ya think we will acheive first? If we keep CapelLoL then I bet...
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    Lippi stalls over new deal

    Lippi stalls over new deal Thursday 16 March, 2006 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Italy boss Marcello Lippi says he won’t consider signing a new contract with the national side until after the World Cup Finals. The Italian Football...
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    DP Or Cassano To Germany

    Del Piero: Me Or Cassano? Both! 10/11/2005 6:10:00 AM The Juventus forward would like to see both him and Cassano at the next World Cup. Now that Italy has qualified for the 2006 edition of the World Cup, Marcello Lippi will have to take the decision of which players to take to Germany, and...
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    REQUEST, Del Piero Entrance in WC2002!!!

    Anyone has a video of DP substituation against Ecuador in the first game of WC 2002 ??? I remmber how all the fans in the stadium welcomed him with applaud the moment he enters the field, one of my friends thought that Italy own the WC when he saw the fans celebration :P
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    After The Del Piero Era ???

    I know that another Del Piero thread is the last thing this forum is missing but I think the subject worth discussing... Wether we like to admit it or not, no one can name this era of Juve's history without association to its symbol Alex Del Piero In the past 12 years I've witness a lot...
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    I have 2 thank all of ya for wasting my precious time in this Forum :D 2000 Posts :touched:
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    Del Piero <------> Cassano

    I just hear it in Aljazeera Sport.... Moggi is offering Del Piero to Roma in a straight deal to land Cassano and Roma's offical r considering the offer :down: What do ya think guys ??