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  1. K10

    Juventuz is 10 years old!

    Shit! 10 Years? Am I that old? Where did time go?
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    Fifa bans high-altitude football

    If it is really a health concern, then Fifa is right. However, if it is not, Fifa is wrong. What about Peruvian players who now have to switch and play at sea level. Does it affect them?
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    The Official Rejects Thread

    Brugal is good cheap rum. Presidente is pretty good beer. The women are hot, but beware, alot of them are hookers. Especially in Puerta Plata and Caberate.
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    Cricket World Cup 2007

    yup Ziggy Marley - Ganja Smoke
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    Cricket World Cup 2007

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    Cricket World Cup 2007

    Sea rescue for 'drunk' Freddie From Julian Guyer in Gros Islet, St Lucia | Sunday, March 18, 2007 Several England World Cup players have been fined for a "breach of team discipline." it was announced yesterday. And a British Sunday newspaper claims drunk vice-captain Andrew Flintoff had...
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    first half champions leauge goals

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    [EU] Champions League 06/07

    i need footage of the inter valencia fight!!
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    first half champions leauge goals

    anyone got footage of the inter valencia fight?
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    the zune software works on most of my friends computers but not on mine. I transferred songs from other computers and overall, I like the Zune. A good change from the ipod. But an Ipod will always be an Ipod.
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    so basically i made a bad move buyin the zune. up to now i can't get the software to work on my toshiba qosmio. It works on some of my friends computers though. Suggestion, buy a new laptop? hell no! refund and buy an ipod? I'm not sure, the Zune too me, seems, if I can put some music and...
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    I bought the Microsoft Zune instead of the Ipod last week. Problem, the software won't install. It said Windows Media Center XP needs updating, need to update the Roll Up 2 Update. I downloaded it, but it won't install. It starts the installation process but after a while it says it can't...
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    [ITA] Serie a 2006-07

    forza lazio
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    The Offside Rule

    obviously i wasn't serious and that will never happen. I just said that cause I'm a lazy player and no offsides would suit me perfectly.
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    The Offside Rule

    I am actually for getting rid of the offside in general. If a striker is past the defence, so what? Its the defence's fault! I mean, just keeping a striker upfront and kicking a long ball to him when the defence is at the half line may be ridiculous, but other than that, fuck offside!
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    Amelia Gol vs Partizan

    What do I need to make that play? Every media player I open it with on plays the sound.
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    REQUEST : The official request thread

    The goals… Christian Rigano (Messina) For a man whose game is based primarily on brute force, the former Fiorentina hero showed his beautiful side against Reggina in the Derby dello Stretto. After skilfully bamboozling two defenders, his 25-yard curler found the top corner in some style...
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    That's south florida, miami to key west.
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    The "Ask Menace" thread

    oh, just thought u were talking about a particular type. well yea, duh, dont eat the really poisonous ones :D
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    The "Ask Menace" thread

    I don't think Bob was a shroomer but even if he was it didn't kill him. Just for clarite, which shrooms are you referring to? I know of three kinds...... the ones u eat with food the poisonous ones that make u trip but dont kill you (i think) and i guess the ones that kill you