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  1. ebraheej

    You know your..... when....

    I found this in another forum ( and thought it would be nice to share it with you guys. You know your an arab when... A visa is not a credit card. You refer to your dad's friends as amy/amo You have an endless supply of pistachios, dates, and pumpkin seeds...
  2. ebraheej

    RIP "Il Proffesore"

    The Italian football world was in shock last night when former Genoa Coach Franco Scoglio died of a heart attack on live television. The tactician was in the midst of a telephone debate with current club patron Enrico Preziosi on local station Primo Canale when he collapsed. The transmission...
  3. ebraheej

    Juventus Compilation

    I did this like 9 months ago, but this is the first time someone actually watches it. Most if not all the clips were taken from Juventuz, and Nekton, so enjoy. Rock a fella Y'all
  4. ebraheej

    The Toughest!

    I know this might be a silly thread but I was wondering who are the strongest, toughest race. I dont mean like martial art experts or Soldiers, I mean a normal person. Who are the toughest when it comes to fist fighting? I always thought that Pakistani people are the toughest, what do you...
  5. ebraheej

    The Great Don is Dead.

    I'm surprised nobody mentioned this but Marlon Brando died at the age of 80. He was considered by many as the greatest of all time. RIP.:down::down::down:
  6. ebraheej

    Spiderman 2

    I saw it yesterday.... I thought the first part was better, it was decent though, but not as I expected. I thought it will be great but it was nothing speacial. What did you think.....
  7. ebraheej

    30 to go...

    After scoring a goal yesterday against Siena, Del piero lifted his tally of goals for Juventus to 150 goals..... Del piero needs to score 30 more goals to break the record and becomes the all time top scorer. Bonpierti???(179) Bettega(178) Del piero's goals. .. Italian league 103...
  8. ebraheej

    Maresca to Portugal?

    Do you think he is good enough to go to portugal next year? I know its unlickly, considering he never played for the senior azzurri squad, but if he does he will shine..... -------tachi-----Maresca------- miccoli---totti-----ADP-- -----------Vieri---------- WOW
  9. ebraheej

    Is it coincidence??

    The holy Quran had been sent to the prophet 1400 years ago but still its strange how many scientific facts are discovered everyday in this 1400 years old book... These facts are only recently discovered, so Muhammed (PBUH) could have not known them. One of these Miracles as I like to call them...
  10. ebraheej

    Uploading videos

    How can I upload videos in the forum??? :confused: Please help!! I tried to attach it and it didnt work.
  11. ebraheej

    Greatest moments in sports

    What do you think of these moments....
  12. ebraheej

    Pacino or Deniro

    Both are considered legends, and both are great actors, but who do you prefer?????? I choose Al Pacino because all his movies are great, godfather, scent of a women, Scareface........ And he chooses his roles carefully unlike robert De niro.... And he is so cool :cool:
  13. ebraheej

    To All You Soccer Maniacs

    This a thread where everyone tells us about him playing soccer, everything he can say, I will begin> Height: 181cm Position: Striker Jersey number: 13 Soccer boots: White Adidas predator I am good at: Dribbling, Set pieces, And positioning (Like inzaghi). I am not so good at...
  14. ebraheej

    Movie characters who are like you!

    Who are the movie/Tv shows character who has the same looks, personality,etc as you. Santino, or sonny in the godfather is the character that is like me, the temper, his way with girls ;) and his looks. So which characters are like you????