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  1. Sad but True - AS Roma

  2. [CL] Bayern Munich- Juventus

    if u are so smart, you would know that only the ''i just can't discribe how idiot this man is acting'' was for you because you are acting so happy when someone is getting banned
  3. [CL] Bayern Munich- Juventus

    what you just said, was almost smart !
  4. [CL] Bayern Munich- Juventus

    no that's not what fans do, thats humans that call theirselfs juve fans and just blame everything, but never praise their team so you think that there is a threat on arsenal site like : **** HENRY! VAN PERSIE IS MUCH BETTER ! and then you have about 1 000 000 posts about that? its just so...
  5. [CL] Bayern Munich- Juventus

    i just can't discribe how idiot this man is acting realy, im so sick to see humans calling theirselfs JUVENTUS FANS and the only thing they do is whine whine whine about players, matches, decisions and so on
  6. [CL] Bayern Munich- Juventus

    yeah nigga you happy now your first rhyme you ever wrote !
  7. [CL] Bayern Munich- Juventus

    i'd like rosicky for him.. but then as a ATTACKING MIDFIELDER
  8. [CL] Bayern Munich- Juventus

    your name just underlines how stupid you are
  9. [CL] Bayern Munich- Juventus

    Here come's my ban to. **** all y'all ****ing idiots and the Del Piero and Zlatan threat I hate you all mother****ers can't you ****ing stop about mouning about Juventus players? First of all, the DP haters : Man you idiots can never agree when DP is on form you always gotta say : ''doesn't...
  10. [Serie A] Juventus vs. Messina

    great ! 21 out 7 ! we rock (H)
  11. Lottery winner eyes Ibra swoop

    is this a joke?
  12. [Serie A] Juventus vs. Inter

    its FULL TIME NOW ! 2-0 !! WE RULE !
  13. [Serie A] Juventus vs. Inter

    LOL no way 30 secs left watching live my friend
  14. [Serie A] Juventus vs. Inter

    40 secs keft
  15. [Serie A] Juventus vs. Inter

    get it easy no need for stress juve has everything under control
  16. [Serie A] Juventus vs. Inter

    3 mins extra!
  17. [Serie A] Juventus vs. Inter

    89' exactly !
  18. [Serie A] Juventus vs. Inter

    2mins left + ET
  19. [Serie A] Juventus vs. Inter

    lol dp giving the ball far to easy away imo
  20. [Serie A] Juventus vs. Inter