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  1. Ivy

    The Spanish thread rejuvenated

    * Special thread to welcome Iulia back :) * So ermmm .. hola! ¿Cómo estas? :D I think the mods have said that it's ok to have gd language threads as long as they dont go into chats and offtopic stuff right? Ummm..... ok..... iiiiii cant speak Spahish, so i would really appreicate it if...
  2. Ivy

    Happy Birthday Baggio!!!!!

    No no....... not Roberto Baggio's Birthday......but a great fan of his........ 16th Oct is Baggio's (our forum member with the Superman "S" avatar) 22nd Birthday!!!!!!! :party: :party: :party: :party: Yeah, i know this is a day early..... but due to time differences.... i was...
  3. Ivy

    Cartoons and Comics

    So, What toons do ya like and which ones do u think r the :cool:est? Any particular cartoon chracter u really like? Hv friends told u that u look like any character? Which cartoons/comics were u addicted to as a kid? anything to talk abt these colorful beings goes here :)