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  1. Gandalf

    The Wish List and General Discussion Thread

    you search.. read.. look for news and even rumors.. even thou you know it's false, I guess you are just giving yourself some hope.. a foolish hope.. then you read this:
  2. Gandalf

    Dubai Defaults

    no, it's a deserted realm north of Naria, somewhere far a bit from middle earth..!!
  3. Gandalf

    Lapo time

    possibely, Wahdan.. the names and the target players are off a bit.. but the bettega+Heddink stuff is mentioned almost everywhere..!!
  4. Gandalf

    Lapo time
  5. Gandalf

    Lapo time

    i know it's just words.. but, damn we need this spirit..!! guyz.. i read in an arabic football site (trusted) that bettega and hiddink are coming at the end of the season..!! with a revolution to the club.. any one can confirm this..?? i can translate the page later.. but just want a quick...
  6. Gandalf

    Good Web ??!!
  7. Gandalf

    Dubai Defaults

    as a bloke from Abu Dhabi (the CAPITAL of the UAE) I was disappointed really by the bailout they announced today.. I mean, the greedy bastards in Dubai who are sucking every dime they can get from their people deserve to be punished.. things were fine a peaceful.. why on earth do you keep...
  8. Gandalf

    The Wish List and General Discussion Thread

    sell: amouri, salihamidzic, molinaro, poulsen, tiago, caceres, zebina, ferrara, buy: any striker whose scoring rate is about 50%, sane coach, fire the management for being stupid. call players from the youth team whenever someone get injured.. bring back some potentials that we have on loans...
  9. Gandalf

    [Serie A] Bari 3-1 JUVENTUS (December 12th, 2009)

    If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.. Ciro is skydiving..!! the problem is, i don't know how many lives are left for him.. and with this stupid management, he's immortal it seems..!! the bigger problem is.. when ranieri was around, we all wished him to go...
  10. Gandalf

    Il disastro di Torino

    first comments of the management.. "disappointment", "we should move on".. blah blah.. fvcking retards.. don't they have anything to say other than stating the obvious.. no real decision making.. how come these bozos made it up there..?!! seriously.. what do they know about football..!?!? mark...
  11. Gandalf

    Quitting smoking

    you didn't catch the sarcasm, i see..!
  12. Gandalf

    David Trezeguet

    I think Trez is a legend.. but unfortunately, players do break records at the end of their career.. a sane man can't compare nowadays Trez with the one ten years back.. no player can have the same performance for ten straight years.. yes, now Trez is slower, less reliable and more liable at...
  13. Gandalf

    Quitting smoking

    I think, to decide to quit smoking is not that easy.. you need focus and determination.. you need the desire to quit.. to do that, you need to sit down.. sip on a cup of tea and have a nice cigarette and think it through..!!
  14. Gandalf

    could we win anything this season..??

    yes.. the good old grey wizard is back.. and he's black and white still.. :P
  15. Gandalf

    could we win anything this season..??

    thanks Greg.. good to see u.. :)
  16. Gandalf

    I've survived 6 years and all I got was a lousy T-shirt

    congrats Sergio.. one of my favorite members.. I'll mention u in my dedication.. like ten years from now.. :biggrin: agree on the last thing you said.. this place would be horrible if everybody agrees on everything.. congrats again, mate.. cheers..
  17. Gandalf

    What Are You Doing Right Now?

    can't believe this thread is still alive..!!!! why don't you people use twitter.. :biggrin: I'm drinking coffee, waiting for the match..
  18. Gandalf

    Jean-Claude Blanc Thread

    I always say, a good manager is a man who gets the job done through others.. seeing how this blanK is doing or that poor d**khead cobolli.. well, we haven't seen them doing any work yet.. except screwing up the team of course..!! all they do is talk, press statements blah f**kin blah.. how...
  19. Gandalf

    could we win anything this season..??

    thanks, dude.. good to see u're still around.. and still an infidel, I see.. :D I don't remember u as well, but thanks.. :)
  20. Gandalf

    could we win anything this season..??

    thanks for the welcome Vin.. good to see an old face around here.. I see you haven't changed a bit.. :biggrin: anyway.. interesting responses all in all.. many people posted that our problem is the players we have.. some said the coach.. but I do believe that our main problem (beside the...