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    Ramadan Kareem

    Have a blessed Ramadan. :)
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    Help with Virus Needed

    I got this after my Zone Alarm virus scan. The help button it's referring to gives me a "help not found" message when I click on it. Anyone knows how to fix this?
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    Problem with PES4

    All of a sudden, the game's sound is lagging horribly...I don't know why. Half-Life 2, NFS2 and all my other games have no problem. I just reinstalled the game too, and I'm still having the same problem. Any ideas?
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    Favorite Stand-up Comedians

    Tell me who you like listening to. I like Mitch Hedberg and Patton Oswalt.
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    £10m for Mutu?

    Chelsea claim Mutu costs Friday 14 January, 2005 Juventus could still be forced to pay a fee to Chelsea following the capture of Adrian Mutu on Wednesday. The Romanian international arrived in Turin on a free transfer after the London club sacked him earlier this season for failing a drugs...
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    CD-writer problem

    Yeah...another problem. :D Ok, so I write this CD twice using Nero and it says burn completed successfully. Then I try to open it in both of my drives and it acts like there's no CD inside. The 2 CD's showed up in Disc Info on Nero though, and the drives can read other CD's properly...
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    Windows Installation Error

    I hope someone will be able to help me. I've just built a computer and I tried installing Windows on it. So I format the HDD in NTFS (only option given) and when it was done, it gave me the following error message: 'Setup was unable to format the partition. The disk may be damaged. Make...
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    Inkjet Refill Kits

    Anyone ever tried that crap? I did a couple of days ago and still no ink is coming out. I've run many nozzle cleaning cycles and still not a mark on the page. I'm just wondering if it worked for anyone since I could've done something wrong.
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    I'm trying to solve a system of 4 non-linear equations using the function solve with the following commands: eqn1:=a^2-b^2-(7.638e5/c^5)=0; eqn2:=(-4.919e6*a^(-0.7698))-2*a*d=0; eqn3:=(-5.541e7*b^(-1.2302))+2*b*d=0; eqn4:=5.76e7*c^0.6-3.819e6*d*c^(-6)=0...
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    Any Motor-Heads in here?

    I'm currently on a project to build an off-road vehicle and I'm responsible for the braking system. I was wondering if anyone could help me find catalogs to select brake parts from as I've only found one company's catalog online. Also, if someone could point me towards certain brands which are...
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    Why the hell does he continue to play? Does he ever learn? I've watched highlights of 2 matches for him within the last 4 days and his off-line positioning caused Marseille to concede 3 goals and lose both matches, one of which knocked them out from the French league cup. He's truly an...
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    Urgent Photoshop Help Needed!!

    I'm trying to fade a pic in photoshop to use as a background for a ppt presentation. How do you do that? I'd greatly appreciate it. :)
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    Some Google Help??

    Either I'm terrible at this or the information does not exist..........the former probably. Someone please help me find the following: 1-Coefficient of Rolling Friction of Rubber on wet concrete or wet asphalt. 2-Something about the typical torques exerted on axles by their ball bearings...
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    This Land.........

    Enjoy :LOL:
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    Excel Help

    Alright people........I'm trying to delete those 2 polyfit legend entries but I can't find the option to do it in the trendline menu. Is it possible to delete them? Thanks in advance. :)
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    Nedved Quote

    Sorry to open up a thread for this, but I was wondering if someone had that quote by Nedved that shows his level of commitment. It went along the lines of he used to stay after practice, running around the field till his legs couldn't carry him, and shooting with both feet till he didn't know...
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    Martin--Gol TV Online HELP!!

    I'm having trouble accessing the programming info using Mozilla and I'm not sure if that's just a Mozilla problem since IE doesn't even work on my computer anymore. Is there anything I can do? Please help. That's the webpage. When...
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    Dellas calls time on Roma stint He would be a very good addition to Juve imo. Plus, I don't imagine him being too expensive. I hope they bid for him..........better yet, I hope Roma releases him and we sign him for free. :devil:
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    Rafael Castillo (Colombia)

    Anyone seen him play? Is he any good? I'm asking because my club signed him for a year loan, so anyone from South America or Colombia, please describe him to me.
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    PDF to DOC converter

    Do you know of a good one? The ones I've tried screw up a lot of letters and put asterisks instead of them.