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  1. Anders

    Great Danes get their due // finally some recognition

    27-25: Great Danes get their due Friday, 27 February 2004 The countdown from No50 to No1 in UEFA's Jubilee poll to find the best European player of the past 50 years continued this week with the players ranked between 27 and 25. Recent stars Two famous Danish names of recent...
  2. Anders

    Show your love for the avatar II

    Heres the thing. I want anyone (well some) people to use this avatar for a few days. Its time to show your love and appreciation for the avatar. (And actually its just a good excuse for a invasion):D DO IT NOW!!! (P.S. Moderators cant lock but ill be mad, ok not really)
  3. Anders

    Marco Pantani found dead in hotel room

    RIMINI, Italy (AP) -- Former Tour de France and Giro d'Italia winner Marco Pantani was found dead in a Rimini residence Saturday, Italian news reports said. He was 34. Italy's most popular cyclist was found in a room at the residence "Le Rose" in this seaside city, the ANSA news agency...
  4. Anders

    Bad news for Lippi and Cuper Smoking banned in technical area Thursday, 11 December 2003 UEFA is to introduce a ban on smoking in the technical area at all UEFA competition matches from the start of next season. Improving football’s image The move, designed to improve football's image, particularly with...
  5. Anders

    End of the world

    Oh no.,.. uh! hehe woot!?
  6. Anders

    Google is fun =]

    Go to and type, "miserable failure" and hit I'm feeling lucky... :D Now go to again and type "French Military Victories" and hit I'm feeling lucky... :D And now, try the new version of google last one is stupid... but hey :D
  7. Anders

    Stupid forum-abbreviations guide

    Ever tried reading some thread, and not understanding anything cuz everybody was talking like robots? Does stupid forum-abbreviations piss you off? Are you looking for answers? Look no further... cuz here it is! The Stupid Forum-Abbreviations Guide!!!! tada!!! .... ...
  8. Anders

    Matrix Parody / MTV Movie awards intro

    Did you see it? It was hilarious! Well... the last part anyway, where Will Ferrell stars as the "archietect" :howler: Sean William Scott and Justin Timberlake are funny as well, but noone can top Will Ferrell. Anyways, I found it on the net. Here's the link (kinda big)...
  9. Anders


    I'm just f*ucking with you... HAHA! *get a life Anders* :groan: :D
  10. Anders

    To many champions

    Is it just me or is there to many top ranked members around. Come on... make some new ranks... turn the balls red or something. maybe add some at the bottom, maybe waterboy. And a new top rank - vice-president, that could be cool. or maybe this idea is complety useless and noboby cares...
  11. Anders


    So here's the deal. I've been talking some shit about Linkin Park, which Lilianna didn't like, cuz it's her favorite band. So here's a chance for her to talk shit about mine... and if anyone wants to share their opinion (good or bad) about the band (Incubus) you're very welcome :) So who's...
  12. Anders

    F*ck! I've got a diaper on my head!

    Hydde you dumbass! What's up with this nickname you gave me, did Lucas put you up to this? :fero: When browsing the web I saw my nick on a freakin' comic book... Kaliman is some crazy dude wearing a frikkin' diaper on his head :eek: God damn it Hydde! I'm gonna get ya for this... Who the...
  13. Anders

    Celebrity Jeopardy parody - Will Ferrell

    Has anyone seen these shows, where Will Ferrell is Alex Trebek and host the Celebrity Jeopardy. It's hilarious! Sean Connery is always on the show... Alex: Sean, please chose a category Sean: The day is mine! Alex: :rolleyes: Sean: I'll take "The rapist" for 200 Alex: That's...
  14. Anders

    The truth about Milan players

    Danish defender Martin Laursen is extremly unhappy in Milan. In an interview with a danish newspaper he made it very clear that he does not like the attitude of his teammates. I'll try to translate his words... "They think they can do whatever they want cuz they're stars. They really think...
  15. Anders

    guess this you guys gotta try this site. Think of something, answer some simple questions and the site will guess what you're thinking of. Pretty kewl
  16. Anders

    Best and worst part of a movie

    This is not for the best or worst movies, but just some small parts you really like or perhaps hate. Just a scene that makes the movie alot better or maybe alot worse. Here's mine. Best part... Vanilla Sky He's in bed with Sofia, but suddenly he thinks it is Julie. He gets really...
  17. Anders

    Sensi is a sick twisted perv!

    lol... I'm bored
  18. Anders

    Award time!

    This years football awards will probably be given to same ol' useless bastards... as always, and not the ones who really deserves it. So post who you think should be awarded for what... Here's mine (and yes, it's biased as hell! :D ;) ) Player of the year: Pavel Nedved... duh! Best...
  19. Anders

    Zambro joins the network

    Hi all! :) Gianluca Zambrotta is now on the juventuz network. The new Zambro fansite is online at I'm hoping that all you Zambrotta fans will come check it out and register in the forums and so on... Feel free to use the shoutbox, vote on the polls, join the...
  20. Anders

    Guess a club |>>GAME<<|

    I found this quiz-thing in a magazine and thought we could make a game of it... I think it could be fun, so if you are interested, read the rules and come back when the 1st round starts. RULES. The point is to guess a club using least hints. There will be given 5 hints for each club. If...